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Welcome to the Blue River Resort & Hot Spring's Blog

Blog Contents – For Costa Rica Tourism!

1. Getting to Costa Rica
- Entry documents

3. Capturing the Moments
Camera tips on safety and maintenance in Costa Rica
5. Essentials for a Costa Rican Vacation
What to bring, from maps to shoes

7. Drinking Water in Costa Rica
Finding potable water and tips on hydration

9. More Culture and Tourism Tips
Migration, what can be found off the main roads, rural life, arranging tours, quick tourism pointers and tipping.
11. Costa Rica Coffee
The quality of Costa Rican coffee:
Juan Valdez Drinks Costa Rica Coffee
Conflict turns ad for Costa Rica coffee
Coffee History & World Trade
Brief history of Costa Rica coffee
Landmarks in Costa Rica’s Coffee History
Timeline with events marking coffee history• • Costa Rica Coffee Today
The importance of coffee in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Arabica Coffee Disease
The ‘coffee rust’ disease that threatens the coffee industry
Help for the Ailing Coffee Industry
Responding to the coffee industry problems and Starbucks
Update: Costa Rica Recovery Plan
13. Hot Springs and Good Health
The Nicoya Guanacaste Blue Zone
What a blue zone is and about the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone.
Costa Rica Health Care and Education
Costa Rica’s state-of-the-art medical care provided through the many hospitals, health centers, and other treatment facilities.
Hot Springs and Balneotherapy
Balneotherapy- treating afflictions with natural hot springs like Blue River Resort's.
Medical Tourism
Costa Rica's private care for foreigners, particularly in San Jose and Liberia.

15. Best Beach & Ocean Activities
Sun, Surf, Fishing, Diving, Snorkelling, Sailing, Sports
Beach Safety – Use Caution
Surfing Costa Rica
• Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Costa Rica (stand-alone blog #18)

2. Vacation Preparation
- Flights - Renting a Car Bus Mobility

4. Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Tourism attracts many procedures, including dental, cosmetic and time sensitive tests.
Certified Medical Facilities
Costa Rica’s best hospitals
Recovery Resorts
For recuperating in Costa Rica’s paradise like Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Dentistry in Costa Rica
Tourism in Costa Rica and dental care go together.
Medical Tourism Benefits
Economic benefits to medical tourism.
More about Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
PROMED, where patients come from, which procedures, reducing wait times
16. Eating in Costa Rica
What and where to eat, the fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh seafood, choice meats, kids meals.
The Hummingbird Cafe, Bijagua

17. Holidays and Occasions
List and explanation of public holidays & special occasions.

18. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
Great locations and ideas, why marine life is attracted to Costa Rica
Scuba Diving the Pacific Coast
The 30 islands & most popular dive sites
Scuba Dive the Carribbean Coast
Marine parks, places to dive & dive centers
Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Vacations
Learn to dive on in Costa Rica, snorkelling
Diving Equipment
Getting outfitted with equipment
Diving Check-List and Warnings
What to bring and what to be wary of.

19. Sport Fishing in Costa Rica
Sport Fishing in Costa Rica along the Pacific and Caribbean (Atlantic) coasts is a dream come true for sports fishers.
Casting Away in Costa Rica
Spinner-Bait Fishing and Fly-Fishing

21. Costa Rica Tourism
Why tourism is popular in beautiful Costa Rica

22. The Boruca Indians
The Borucas' festivals, arts and crafts are a special draw for Costa Rica tourism.

22. Music, Theatre & Dance
Costa Rica claims to have more arts companies per capita than anywhere else and Teatro Nacional or the National Theatre is its landmark.

23. Mountain Biking in Costa Rica
There is no better location for this breed of Eco-tourism adventure than Costa Rica and the lesser known dirt roads and paths of Rincon de la Vieja.

25. Costa Rica LGBT Tourism
About tourism for the Gay community, people's attitudes, where to stay, religion, economics and the changing laws.

We invite you to use our blog as a tool to discover and share travel experiences. As fellow explorers, we will be reporting on a variety of interesting topics, both about Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and traveling in Costa Rica in general. Each blog will relate a traveler’s personal experience. Hopefully it will help you to prepare before arrival and then enable you to get the most out of your stay - at one of Costa Rica’s top resorts and Costa Rica. The blog will focus on activities and experiences at the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and other beautiful Costa Rican vacation spots with a concentration in Liberia, Guanacaste, Alajuela, Santa Cruz and San Jose.

Since we each have different objectives for creating that perfect vacation, we will provide as much variety as possible. This is also an opportunity for us to share memorable experiences and outstanding moments. That way, your planning will be easier. Therefore, we invite you to send us your travel tips and experiences for this blog. Start by making a list of the “ingredients” that you want during your stay, especially places of interest and features of the Cost Rican destination that appeal to you.

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We believe that the logistics involved in getting to places, can be half the battle. Costa Rica is a small country, but the geography and road system can make for long bumpy rides- be prepared. A new destination presents many choices with respect to top resorts, preparation, what to bring, where to eat and what to order. There is also so much that arrises the curiousity about Eco-adventure playground. Blue River Resort has many spectacular wonders and we will be pointing out other Costa Rican destinations as well. We will work out the details of getting you there. Check the reviews on websites like in Costa Rica, for videos and other blogs. These make great suggestions for the independent-minded Eco-tourist and the adventure traveler alike. Knowledge of the Resort, other Costa Rican Hotels, restaurants, tour operators and their destinations, all increase your chances of maximizing your enjoyment, not to speak of doing it all on budget. Best of all, our blog, like many of the other online resources, is free to use and easy to research.

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The small choices made now, will be the difference between having a good vacation and a great vacation. We want you to create the best possible Costa Rican resort experience. Now, it’s time to take your ideas and turn them into plans for enjoying a vacation at top Costa Rica resorts including the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs. You are not alone.

As we say in Costa Rica “Pura Vida”!

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