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Sea Turtle Species of Costa Rica

Posted May 2017

There are seven species of ‘Sea Turtles’ in the world.

The seven kinds are divided into two families:

  • The Cheloniidae family and
  • The Dermochelyidae family.
  • sea-turtle-species

The Cheloniidae Family has 6 types of the Sea Turtles

      • Olive Ridleys
      • Kemp’s Olive Ridleys
      • Hawksbills
      • Pacific and Atlantic Greens
      • Loggerheads
      • *Flatbacks

*Flatbacks live on the Australian continental shelf along the coastline ‘down-under’. They only nest in the region extended between Australia, Papua New Guinea and southern Indonesia.

The Dermochelyidae Family has only 1 kind of Sea Turtle

  • Leatherback

- the 7th member of the Sea Turtle species

Let’s Meet Costa Rica’s Sea Turtles

In Costa Rica, there are six Sea Turtle species and all of them nest in Costa Rica throughout the year. All are listed as endangered and protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

  • sea-turtle-species-olive ridley

Olive Ridleys Sea Turtles

  • sea-turtle-species-kemp’s ridley

Kemp’s Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

  • sea-turtle-species-green-turtle

Pacific Green & Atlantic Green Sea Turtle

  • sea-turtle-species-leatherback

Leatherback Sea Turtle

  • sea-turtle-species-loggerhead


  • sea-turtle-species-hawksbill


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