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Blue Rivers

Blue Rivers

The Blue Rivers of Costa Rica

Posted June 2017

Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers are truly unique natural wonders. They are scarce in Costa Rica and the world. Blue Rivers are formed by minerals created by a volcano’s underground activity and have become one of Costa Rica’s top attractions, for both tourists and scientists.

Collectively they represent a small part of the beauty in the Costa Rica masterpiece; just imagine, tubing, swimming or soaking in a Blue River, especially under a waterfall in the rain forest! Words simply can’t explain their magical allure.

For those curious for more, we hope these blogs help satisfy that thirst for knowledge and your choice of blue rivers to visit.

Romance and Eco-adventure along a Blue River at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

Horseback riding through blue rivers, one of the Eco-adventure tours at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

What is a Blue River? How The Blue Rivers Are Made?

Rio Azul, accross from the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, a short walk along the forest path, for swimming and exploration.

A tributary of Rio Penjamo at Blue River Estate’s private park, for soaking in the mineral rich blue waters.

Hot Springs – Steaming up from the nearby creeks to feed these hot springs pools at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

Another tributary – a gorgeous waterfall infused with minerals for taking a dip into, that feeds Rio Penjamo, our blue river.

Blue Rivers of Costa Rica – Blog Contents

Intro – Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers
A special allure
Part I – What a Blue River is
The scientific explanation for blue rivers.
Part II – Rio Celeste vs. Rio Azul vs. Rio Penjamo
Fantastic Eco-tourism and adventure in and along these blue rivers
Part III – Volcanoes Create Blue Rivers
Rivers, rain, hot springs, irrigation – an almost continuous source of water for the lush tropical rainforests and growing world beating exports.
Part IV – Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers
Names and descriptions of the major colored Costa Rica Rivers – blue, while, yellow, green, black and more.