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Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rica Coffee

For anyone visiting Costa Rica, a vacation will not be complete without experiencing a daily cup of the best coffee in the world, grown in Costa Rica. That’s right, Costa Rica has the best coffee, if you didn’t already know it. Coffee has been grown in Costa Rica since 1779 and only the best varietal has been permitted to be grown. It is also the first foreign crop introduced into the volcanic soil of Costa Rica and quickly grew to become the country’s first and most lucrative export; while at the same time establishing the banana plantation. The cultivation of coffee provided employment for Costa Rican people with few other skills. It funded the establishment of social services for its citizens as it became the country’s second largest agro-export earner. In fact, only the best coffee varietal may be grown in Costa Rica, the Arabica, and her beans fetch the best prices on world markets.

We hope you enjoy our coverage of Costa Rica Coffee, as we attempt to take you on an interesting journey in history to the present day coffee desease. Please follow these links:

Coffee is, indeed, a staple today. And the history of Costa Rica is inextricably intertwined with this berry which was brought here from Ethiopia. The International Coffee Organization estimates that 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily in the world; other sources figure coffee consumption is as high as 2.25 billion cups per day. Coffee is traded on the ‘Futures Market’ on Wall Street and worldwide.

Whether you are at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs now, or whereeer you are, we hope you settling-in with a hot steaming Costa Rica coffee while reading these blogs. We know you’ll agree, its the best.

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