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Costa Rica Health Care and Education

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Two key features in the social development of any country are its literacy rate, and the quality of the health care provided. Costa Rica is ahead of other countries in the region in both areas. The country has a literacy rate of over 96% and a health care program that provides free medical for all its citizens (nationals).

Residents of Costa Rica enjoy state-of-the-art medical care provided through the many hospitals, health centers, and other treatment facilities. The government oversees free health services to all the citizens in hospitals and clinics throughout the country. New facilities are added annually, while existing ones are improved and upgraded on a regularly basis. Trained staff working in public institutions and private facilities dispenses modern medical care. Doctors, many of them trained in the USA, Canada, and Europe, are equipped to provide first-world healthcare. In Costa Rica a doctors working in a public hospitals will often operate a private practice in their spare time. Costa Rica’s government operates more than 30 hospitals and 255 health clinics throughout the country.