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Medical Tourism

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Costa Ricans and foreigners are taking advantage of being ranked amongst the world’s best, by opening private hospitals and clinics that cater to foreigners, particularly in San Jose and Liberia. Many visitors travel to Costa Rica for medical procedures or treatments whch cost much more where they reside.  Often they remain in Costa Rica during the recover period at a resort for rest and relaxation. This is called medical tourism.

Medical tourism, also called "Health Tourism," is a growth industry available to visitors seeking treatments from within all the faculties of medicine, including cosmetic, laboratory, optical and dental procedures. An estimated 40,000 tourist’s travel to Costa Rica annually for medical and dental care, spending in excess of US$480 million annually. The annual growth rate averages 15%. Visitors seek out medical treatments in Costa Rica for the cost savings and quality of care, compared to developed countries. In fact US private health care plans which limit the pay-out for a medical procedure will often approve and fund the out-of-country treatment, to avoid the maximum pay-out and the patient from having any out-of-pocket expenses. The quality of health care here is on par, and sometimes better, than that offered in many developed countries.

  • Costa Rica Health- Medical Tourism

After the Treatment or Surgery – Follow-up Care

After the treatment or surgery, the patients will wish to remain in Costa Rica during recovery and for follow-up care. Having to remain in Costa Rica is the best part. The two hubs for these private treatment centers are San Jose and Liberia. Many choose Blue River Resort & Hot Springs for a restful after care. Blue River Resort & Hot Springs caters to both the energetic vacationer and those requiring quiet rest for recuperation.

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The soothing, therapeutic hot springs and spa are perfect for relaxing. In fact, the hot springs are a cure unto themselves and commonly used in alternative medicine. Very few hot springs are natural in Costa Rica. The natural hot mineral rich springs here in Blue River Resort are also superior to those found elsewhere. Applying the principles of Balneotherapy in Costa Rica, alternative medical therapists treat many patients with great success. Balneotherapy is a valuable tool in the treatment of patients with specific medical conditions using water as the main instrument of the treatment.