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Recent Volcanic Displays

Not all the water flows out peacefully through the rivers. Water trapped between the vent in the crater and the top of magma field, heats up and expands until it explodes, relatively harmlessly.

We introduced the Poás Volcano in our ‘Blog on Coffee’. Starbucks acquired the 600-acre, Hacienda Alsacia nursery, on the slopes of the Poás Volcano, in the National Park in Alajuela. Starbucks has established a 7.5-acre ‘experimental coffee plot’ there on the slopes of the Poás 4,500 feet above sea level. The Poás is one of the six active volcanoes in Costa Rica, the acidic soil on the slopes is created by the volcanic ash and lava which combine to provide conditions ideal for coffee cultivation.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 12:03 PM the silence of the afternoon was jolted as the Poás Volcano, shot an explosive charge of small rocks, mud, ash, and, gasses, 400- meters above its’ rim. The explosion caused no damage but it’s a life experience that won’t be forgotten. The La Paz River is one of the more beautiful rivers flowing from the Poás Volcano. It rolls down its slopes and over the cliffs to the famous La Paz Waterfall.

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