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The Rincon de la Vieja Crater

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The volcano’s crater is one mile in diameter and contains two lakes. The northern lake, Laguna Caliente (Hot Lake), is extremely acidic (nearly, 0 pH). This green water is very hot, with temperatures ranging from, 22C to 94C (71F to 201F). Some of the water filters through many layers of volcanic soil purifying it. Then it is heated in the volcano before it flows out. It both forms one of the Rincon de la Vieja’s rivers and appears as hot springs, bubbling to the surface through underground fissures in the earth’s crust at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, located beside the 34,800- acre (14,084 ha) Rincon de la Vieja National Park, in Guanacaste.

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There are several volcanic peaks in the Guanacaste Mountains (Cordillera de Guanacaste). The Rincon de la Vieja peak lumbers 6,385 ft. or 1,916 m. above sea level. Guided tours take hikers up the slopes through lush tropical forest. These rainforests are home to several native species like, various monkeys, tapirs, sloths, and pumas.

One of the residents of the volcanoes summit is the ‘Bang Squirrel’. They have only been found in Costa Rica and Panama. Beautiful orchids display color combinations that are as rare as they are beautiful. The lush green ferns provide a backdrop for the jungle like atmosphere on the lower slopes of the volcano. That view from the peak, through the clouds, is spectacular. Layering your clothing is recommended as it gets much cooler at this altitude. Adventurous visitors will enjoy hiking, nature watches, zip-lining, water tubing and white water rafting. It is all in a day’s activities at the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs.

Guided tours to the rim of the crater are suspended while the volcano is unstable. Scientific data is used to monitor volcanic activity and provides ample warnings of imminent danger. When the data indicates that activity is stable, the tours will resume.

The outlying regions beyond the park provide geothermal energy and many of Costa Rica’s rivers are a great source of hydropower. Not only has this reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels, it has made Costa Rica a net exporter of electricity.

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Meanwhile, back at Blue River Resort, more pleasant and relaxing adventures await your senses. The natural mineral hot springs bubble up through fissures here on the property and fill 5 pools regarded as the gems of Costa Rica. The mineral content of the hot springs are of the highest quality and the water has a green tint. It’s the perfect complement to a spa treatment at Blue River Spa, followed by a natural mud bath and sauna. Come wash your cares away and also take a dip in the blue river Rio Azul.

Then sit-back with a steamy cup of Costa Rican coffee to complete the therapeutic experience. Not all Costa Rica volcanoes are equal. Contact reservations to arrange tours, to the volcano, at your convenience.

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