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1-Day Tours & Visits

1-Day Eco-Adventure Tours That Combine Thrills And Relaxation in a Lush Rainforest

Staying at a beach hotel in Guanacaste?

How about a change of pace?

Be Picked Up by a Bi-Lingual Guide or Just Drop By Return in Time for Dinner

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Leave the dry hot Savannah by the beach for an adrenaline rush in paradise.

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We're located 90 minutes from Liberia's international airport, inside a lush rain forest on the north side of Rincon de la Vieja volcano. Only this side of the volcano is in the rain forest with real blue rivers and natural mineral hot springs.

Be prepared for:
                   -an Eco-adrenalin rush and
                                   -to soak in natural mineral “green” hot springs.

Have your own car? Drop-in for the day with the option of adding an Eco-Adventure Tour. See "Drop-In Packages", below.

Choose Your Eco-Adventure Tour

Choose from among the following top rated hi-adrenaline Eco Adventure tours which can include all your time at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs or an additional tour. Each member of your party can choose something different. All Eco-tours include transportation, bilingual guide(s), welcome cocktail, and a delicious lunch.


At Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

  • 4 Natural Mineral Hot Springs Pools
  • 1 Fresh Water Pool & Bullet Water slide
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Natural Mud Bath & Sauna
  • Gym
  • Spa Treatments (extra)
  • Miniature Horses & Donkeys
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Blue River & Grand Waterfall Adventure Combo

A rainforest experience for dips in the incomparable blue river, the Grand Waterfall, many cascading waterfalls, and a natural waterslide. Learn more…


Dino Park

Enter a lush rain forest, just like Jurrasic World, except better. Excitement and thrills, at every turn, encountering life-size, moving dinosaurs. Astounding nature experience includes our blue river. Your kids won’t realize their learning.

Be picked up for a full day of fun that includes lunch, hot springs pools and more. Reserve, Drop-by before 3pm and stay for lunch.

Learn more…


Zip Lining Eco Adventure Combo

Canopy through the rainforest, past waterfalls and the blue river, along 9 long lines and afterward test your bravery on the Tarzan swing. Learn more…


Water Tubing Adventure Combo

Recognized as the best water tubing adventure in Central America, you will race through chutes floating down a spectacular blue river lying on a rubber inner tube. Learn more…


Cathedral Waterfalls Adventure Combo

Enter a blue river, water-filled chamber rich with minerals and glorious waterfalls that combine the powerful sounds of wind and water to produce a wondrous, mystical, natural display – unique in Costa Rica.

Come experience a legend come-to-life, kept secret by the local elders, until now. Used for connecting spiritually to nature…


White Water Rafting Adventure Combo

Raft along 72 continuous Class III-IV rapids through a rainforest. Guide outfitters rate this rafting adventure among the top two expeditions in Costa Rica. Minimum group size required. Learn more…


If staying at a hotel in Guanacaste we’ll pick-up and return you with a bi-lingual tour guide. Whether your Guanacaste beach hotel is in Liberia, Coco Beach, Hermasa Beach or as far down the Nicoya Peninsula as Tamarindo, you’ll be returned in time for dinner.

If you have your own car, just drop by. Call ahead for a tour. Only come early because there is a lots to do. Getting here is straight forward. Just make sure your vehicle has good clearance because the final 20km is on gravel road.

Price List: 1-Day Tours (transportation included)

A Day at Blue River Resort Hot Springs --- $105 adult & $89 children between 4-12 years

Blue River Adventure & Blue River Resort --- $135 per adult, $115 per child under 12

Canopy Zip Lining and Blue River Resort --- $135 per adult, $115 per child under 12

Water Tubing and Blue River Resort --- $135 per adult, $115per child bet. 8 to 12

White Water Rafting & Blue River Resort --- $180 per adult

Dinosaur Park --- $135 per adult, $115 per child bet. 8 to 12

Cathedral Waterfalls (hiking) --- $135 per adult, $115per child bet. 4 to 12

NOTE: Minimum Group Size for Transportation Package is 4 people

Drop-In Packages (when arriving with own car)

Day-Pass at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Drop-in Rate --- $20 per adult, $10 per child under 12
-Includes entrance fee to resort for use of amenities.

Combine with Blue River & Grand Waterfall Tour
By Car --- $65 per adult, $55 per child under 12
By Horseback --- $75 per adult, $70 per child under 12
- Includes resort entrance fee, tour lunch & guided tour to walk the blue river and a dip in the Grand Waterfall

Combine with Zip Lining Tour
Per Person --- $65 per adult, $55 per child under 12
- Includes resort entrance fee, tour lunch & guided Zip Line & Tarzan Swing Tour

Combine with Water Tubing Tour
Per Person --- $65 per adult, $55 per child under 12
- Includes resort entrance fee, tour lunch & guided Water Tubing Tour

Combine with Dinosaur Park
Per Person --- $65 per adult, $55 per child under 12
- Includes resort entrance fee, tour lunch, Dino Park & Waterfall Tour

Combine with Cathedral Waterfalls Adventure

Hiking Option

Per Person --- $55 each (minimum age 4)

Horseback Riding Option
Per Person --- $75 each (minimum age 12)


Hiking Option
Per Person --- $60 per adult, $50 per child (4 to 12)

Horseback Riding Option
Per Person --- $80 per adult, $70per child (4 to 12)

• Minimum group sizes required for certain tours
• Water Tubing – must be competent swimmer and old enough
• Zip Lining - Maximum waist size 40" (102 cm)
• Prices on internet may not be up-to-date, so ask.

Our Jewel – the Hot Springs

Hot springs in Costa Rica are renown but not all hot springs are equal. Ours are one of a small handful in Costa Rica and the world that are all natural and have special mineral properties. 
Our Hot Springs Pools
Hot Springs in Costa Rica


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Learn about Rincon de la Vieja and Costa Rica Volcanoes

More about our 1-day visits

Only here, along the Caribbean side of majestic Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, Costa Rica’s most diverse ecological park, can you experience the gorgeous brilliant blue volcanic rivers, the "emerald green" natural mineral hot springs and a rainforest abundant in wildlife. Boasting beautiful waterfalls, fantastic panoramic views, soothing hot springs, boiling mud pits, a fresh water volcanic lagoon, picnic areas and long-winding trails, this national park is the perfect way to get to know the natural wonders of Costa Rica. You’ll be massaged by the beautiful waterfalls, be able to soak in the soothing hot springs and swim in the fresh-water pool to cool off.