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Costa Rica Holidays and Occasions 2017

Public Holidays & Special Occasions

The very best of the holiday season and a Happy New Year to everyone! Most of us take time off this time of year or contemplate where they'll be soon. So its an appropriate time to update our blog about public holidays and special occasions celebrated here in Costa Rica.

During Public Holidays in Costa Rica, most places of business will close their doors; many of the country’s offices, banks, government agencies, stores, and even places of entertainment (on some religious occasions) will be closed. When planning your trip, check to ensure that you will not require the services of an institution that may be closed for the ‘feriados’ or ‘day-off’.

Here is a short list of scheduled holidays. It reveals many Christian rituals which highlights the religious nature of the Ticos of Costa Rica. With many working persons enjoying their feriados there is additional pressure on resorts, hotels and car-rental agencies; beaches and scenic places. Of course more visitors frequent National Parks on those days too.