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Costa Rica Volcanoes

Sleeping Volcano Giants of Costa Rica

The way Costa Rica’s many volcanoes tower overhead in the skies brings to mind the pyramids in Egypt. Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is located at the base of an incredibly majestic Costa Rica volcano, the Rincon de la Vieja with a jagged peak, a lake-filled cone and magical acidic mist that swirls in the clouds above. The cone rises over six-thousand feet above sea level; and below the cone, the volcano is blanketed in a lush rainforest.

The volcano is the creator of fresh water, hot springs and blue rivers. Add in an occasional rumble that reminds everyone that though the volcano is asleep it is not extinct. Created over billions of years from internal pressure, these volcanoes form part of a chain of cones that encircles the Pacific Rim. Costa Rica's contribution to the ecosystem is priceless.The volcanoes produce arable land, create immense bio diversity, minerals, warmth, and for a select few rivers, a vibrant blue color. And every now and again, some volcanoes are wakened enough to provide fortunate visitors a fireworks display in the dark of the night.