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Eco Adventure Tours & Excursions in Costa Rica

Guest Tours & Excursions (including transportation)


Rincon de la Vieja Tours and Blue River Resort are proud to showcase the amazing nature and beauty of Caribbean side of Rincon de la Vieja. Only this side of Rincon de la Vieja is in the rainforest and can boast the gorgeous blue volcanic rivers, the health-giving "emerald green" natural mineral hot springs and unique tropical wildlife. Choose from a wide variety of tours and excursions – all near-by. 

Our Eco-adventure tours are rated among the best in Costa Rica. The lush rain forest, hot springs, blue rivers and many more awe inspring nature, offers lots of adventure for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to explore nature, there’s something in store for everyone at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs.

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Prices of Tours

  • Blue River & Grand Waterfall Eco-Adventure

Options & Price Per Person:
By Horseback – Grand Waterfall Only --- $45 adult, $36 children 4-12 years
By Horseback - Waterfall & Rainforest Hike --- $55 adult,$44 children 4-12 years
By Safari Truck – Grand Waterfall Only --- $35 adult, $28 children 4-12 years
By Safari Truck – Grand Waterfall & Hike .--- $45 adult, $36 children 4-12 years
Self Drive – Grand Waterfall Only --- $25 adults, $20 children 4-12 years
Self Drive – Grand Waterfall & Hike --- $35 adults, $28 children 4-12 years

Please Note:
- Reserve at least a day before.
- Horseback riding is to Grand Waterfalls to waterfalls
- Add optional “Hike” into the rainforest to  blue river ($10 extra), Rio Penjamo 
- All tours include guide for your safety
- When Safari Truck is in use another vehicle will be used
- Price and availability are subject to change.
- Special rates may apply to nationals

  • Dino Park
    • Park Tour: $25 per adult, $15 per child (4-12 years)
    • Park Tour & Lunch: $55 per adult / $45.00 per child (4-12 years)
    • Park Tour, Lunch & Resort Amenities: $70 per adult / $60.00 per child
  • Cathedral Waterfalls Adventure (minimum age 4 yrs)
    • Hike: $35 per adult and child 
    • Horseback: $55 per adult and child
      Add Dino Park!
    • Hike + Dino Park: $60 per adult, $50 per child (4-12 years)
    • Horseback + Dino Park: $80 per adult, $70 per child (4-12 years)
  • Blue River Zip Line and Tarzan Swing
    • By Horse: $60 adult, $40 children between 4 - 12 years
    • By Vehicle: $45 adults, $25 children between 4 - 12 years
      Note: Waist line needs to less than 40" /102cm
  • Hike Rincon de la Vieja - $95 – Currently Closed
  • Water Tubing Adventure- $45 per person (minimum 2 people)
  • Horseback Riding Eco-Adventure - $55 per adult, $44 per child 8-12 years (8 yrs min age)
  • *Snorkelling & Beach Adventure- $120 per person (minimum 4 people), discounts for families
  • Local Bull Fighting- Price and availability are subject to change
  • *Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and Bird Watching- $120 per person (minimum 4 people)
  • *White Water Rafting Adventure - $130 per person (minimum 4 people)
  • *Palo Verde National Park Boating Safari - $140pp for 1 to 3 people, $130 for 4 to 6 people, $120 for 7 to 12 people, $100 kids 4-6 yrs
  • *The Guaitil Pottery Tour - $140pp for 1 to 3 people, $130 for 4 to 6 people, $120 for 7 and more, $100 kids 4-6 years
  • *Ostional Sea Turtle Nesting Adventure - $180 for 4 to 6 people, $170 for 7 & more, $100 kids 4-6 years

* NOTE – Please reserve these tours as far in advance as possible since a minimum number of participants is required. If your reservation does not meet the minimum group size, we’ll do our best to make it possible.

  • Hiking Base of Rincón de la Vieja Volcano- $95 per person (min 2 people)

Take a day hike through Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Costa Rica’s most diverse ecological park, where you’ll find an immense assortment of plants and animals native to this region. Boasting beautiful waterfalls, fantastic panoramic views, soothing hot springs, boiling mud pits, a fresh water volcanic lagoon, picnic areas and long-winding trails, this national park is the perfect way to get to know the natural wonders of Costa Rica.

Horse-back ride by the blue volcanic river, Rio Penjamos, to enjoy even more fantastic sceneries. You can also opt for the adventure tour to the Grand Penjamos Waterfall if you’re looking for a more exciting way to experience this breathtaking place.

For those who are truly young at heart, you’re sure to enjoy viewing the rainforest from atop while you’re flying down a zip line. This extensive zip line guarantees one-of-kind views and over an hour’s worth of pure joy. Also for adrenaline-junkies, the water tubing adventure through the winding Rio Azul or Rio Negro rivers is a blast of fun for the whole family. For more than two hours, you’ll be emerged in the lush rainforest while steering through canyons and past thick greenery. Guests are surprised by the amount of wildlife they see while tubing down the rivers.

Get to know the colorful and plentiful marine ecosystem by snorkeling in the Junquillal National Park mangroves. This tour will be your perfect chance to spot exotic wildlife not present anywhere else in the world.

Lastly, for your full emersion in the culture of Costa Rica, we offer guest tours to watch a local bull fighting contest in an authentic setting amongst the sights of sounds of a flavorful culture.

Tours for Resort Guests

1 Day Visits

For those with only a day to spare, either drop by or set up a combo tour. Combo tours include transportation from most Guanacaste locations. The scenery en-route alone, is worth it.
Whichever tour you choose, will satisfy your taste for of adventure and awesome nature.

For our hotel guests, we have developed a fantastic assortment eco-adventure tours. And most of them are minutes away. If are only staying a night or two, book in advance. Once here you'll know why so many guests wish they were staying longer.

Many tourists leaving Costa Rica comment that their one regret is amount of time spent in transit on tour. This is another of our great advantages. Our wide variety of tours, are all nearby. Please click on the side menu to view our eco adventure tours.

> Our Location - 60 kilometres from Liberia, Costa Rica, at the base of Rincon de la Vieja National Park along the Caribbean (north) side of the volcano, in the cooler, lush green rainforest.


Arrange a shuttle from anywhere in Guanacaste, be it, Liberia or any of the Guanacaste beach resorts of Tamarindo, Hermosa Beach, Playa del Coco, Ocotal, Guardia, Papagayo, Nancite Beach & Salinas Bay. Contact Us

The drive is spectacular. Leave the dry hot weather and ascend into cooler, lush green rainforest at the base of Rincon de la Vieja along the Caribbean (north) side of the volcano. Only the Caribbean side of Rincon de la Vieja boasts the rainforest, blue volcanic rivers, grand waterfalls and natural mineral "green" hot springs. As we approach the resort, views of the Rincon de la Vieja volcanoes are awesome. Upon arrival, you'll be warmly greeted, offered a snack, and then begin getting organized for your Blue River adventure

Blue River's Advantage

Most tourists, when asked after vacationing in Costa Rica say the worst part of their trip was the amount of time spent travelling on tours and moving from hotel to hotel. Blue River offers an authentic Costa Rica experience and much of what tourists seek is located here, both on location and nearby. The breadth of eco-tour activities allows you to quickly feel you are vacationing and enjoying the best of Costa Rica. Just consider the surroundings - mountain rainforests, a moderate climate, blue volcanic rivers, waterfalls, hot springs and the volcano and the Rincon de la Viejas

Future Eco Adventure Tours

As Costa Rica's Blue River Resort, Hot Springs & Spa continues its build-out phase, expect more authentic eco-adventure excursions. Stay a few nights in our spacious boutique cabanas because already, one day isn't enough. From relaxing in the healing natural mineral hot springs pools to a desire for action-packed adventure, we've got it right here. Here are some of the activities anticipated:

As our tour business continues to grow we will add many Blue River Tours. Here is a short list of eco-adventure tours in-store soon.

  • Rappelling down spectacular waterfalls, including one that is 200 meters
  • River rafting
  • ATV tours
  • Visiting other national parks in the area


The Blue River experience show-cases the best of Costa Rica, all out of one location. There are lots for the nature observer, the action adventurer, the young and the young at heart.

Eco Tourism Goals

Here you'll experience authentic Costa Rica. The people and geography are relatively untouched by tourism. The nature and the greenery is lush and unspoiled. You can see how people live and learn about their lifestyle. We believe this enhance the lives of both the visitor and the locals. This exposure will also provide a greater appreciation for sustainable development that fosters:

  • Minimizing impact
  • Building a respect for environmental and cultural awareness
  • Providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • Providing direct financial benefits for conservation
  • Providing financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • Raising sensitivity to Costa Rica's political, environmental, and social climate


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Imagine a rainforest in your backyard and a national park
as your neighbor!