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Authentic Costa Rican Bull Riding Rodeo

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Summary: Experience traditional Costa Rican sport, the rodeo! Riders struggle to stay mounted on ferocious angry bulls.
Tour Includes: Guide & entrance.
Departure Location: Blue River Resort & Hot Springs.
Departure Time: Evening
Duration: 3 hours.
Price: Subject to event and location (minimum 3 people) Season commences Dec 15.
Minimum 3 people
Season commences Dec 15

Enjoy an entertaining evening out, Costa Rican style. Attend a local rodeo full of fun, flavor and excitement. This local tradition is enjoyed by families of all ages and gives a glimpse into Costa Rica culture.

Specially bred prize bulls are ridden by riders who attempt to ride bulls for as long as possible. Bulls earn points for performing maneuvers and throwing their rider off. There is lots of action as you'll relish the energy of the crowd during this thrilling night out.


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