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Ostional Sea Turtle Nesting Adventure

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To experience thousands of turtles un-expectantly coming out of the ocean onto the beach, digging their nests and then depositing their eggs is a phenomenon like no other. Arrive early enough to rest and swim along the beach before being guided onto the park beach by a park ranger, looking for nests and preparing you for the ‘Arribada’. On route back, stop for a special Costa Rica snack.

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Key Information

Tour Includes: Guide, transportation, entrance fees, drinks, light, snacks
Departure Location: Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Departure Time: 12:00 noon (seasonal) Duration: 11 hours (approximately)
What to Bring: Walking shoes, swimsuit & towel, dark clothes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent
Price Per Person: $180 for 4 to 6 people, $170 for 7 & more, $100 kids 4-6 years
Group Size Minimum: 1 adult & 3 kids 4-6 years Size Maximum: 10 people
*Note: Only available during an ‘Arribada’. Arrange in advance.

Be witness to an amazing natural phenomena called an ‘Arribada’ (in Spanish, ‘arrival’), along the beach of Ostional Wildlife Reserve, the location of the second largest nesting place in the world for the olive ridley sea turtles (also known as the Pacific ridley sea turtle). At first a few hundred turtles will come out, then thousands follow in a steady stream over the next three nights. They seem to appear out of nowhere after sunset, coming out of the water onto the beach to make their nests in the sand and lay their eggs. Arribadas occur once to twice a month all year. However during the wet season, from June to December the Arribadas are in the thousands and in the dry season Arribadas are in the hundreds.

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Costa Rica Sea Turtles

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