Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Rincon de la Vieja
Liberia, Guanacaste 
Costa Rica

Hot Springs Temperature

Hot Springs Temperature

Cool, Warm, or Hot?

The Hot Springs Temperature: Cool, Warm, or Hot?
Balneologists generally accept the following classification of mineral springs:

Cold Springs – temperatures below 77° F ( 25° C )
Tepid Springs – temperatures ranging from 77 – 93° F ( 25°-34° C )
Warm Springs – temperatures ranging from 93 F – 108° F ( 34° – 42° C )
Hot Springs – temperatures above 108° ( 42° C )

What is the Classification of the Blue River Resort Hot Springs?

Blue River Resort water is classified as Hot Springs. The temperature of the water at the source is 60°Celsius  and only fluctuates downward when rain water enters the hole.
The temperature of the water for each pool is controlled with the addition of domestic water. Except the cold water pool, all others provide the full therapeutic benefit of the “hot springs” classification.