Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Rincon de la Vieja
Liberia, Guanacaste 
Costa Rica

The Hot Springs Source

The Hot Springs Source

The Science and Art of Mineral Water Therapy

Hot Springs Sources

The following article is a comparative excerpt created from an article on the website Eyton’s Earth, which presents information about the differences between natural mineral hot springs. In so doing, we can showcase the natural mineral properties of Blue River Resort.

There are two primary classifications of hot springs:
Filtration Hot Springs

A filtration hot spring is a geothermally heated mineral water that is initially fed by rain water that seeps into the Earth through faults and fractures. As it travels into the Earth, it becomes subject to increased energy from natural geothermal heat, and is exposed to gases and an often wide variety of minerals from rock and mineral deposits. The water adsorbs the minerals via leaching, is heated by the geothermal heat source, and then returns to the Earth’s surface.

Primary Hot Springs

A primary hot spring is a geothermally heated mineral water, where direct volcanic activity plays a far greater role in the process of the hot springs formation. One of the fundamental physical distinctions between a filtration spring and a primary spring is the mineral and gas content of the water, such as radon and bromide. Primary hot springs are often “powered” by magma chambers which exist miles under the Earth’s surface, as well as in volcanically active regions.

What is the Classification of Blue River Resort Hot Springs?

The Blue River Hot Springs are primary hot springs. The nearby volcano Rincon de la Vieja heats the water and at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs the water literally bubbles up to the surface. The water in the pools is accessed by simply placing a pipe into one of the natural holes.