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Blue River Resort &

Hot Springs, Costa Rica

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Blue Rivers

Hot Springs Pools
Fresh Water Pool & Waterslide
Botanical Gardens
Butterfly Gardens
Natural Mud Bath
Miniature Horses & Donkeys
Fish & Turtle Ponds
Hummingbird Sanctuary
730 Sq Ft Cabanas

Eco-Adventure Tours
Dino Park
Horseback Riding
Zip Lining
Water Tubing
White Water Rafting


The Ultimate in Relaxation and Adventure
"Local legend says that God washed the brush in the Blue River after painting the sky blue...."

Don't wait. Make 2017 the year you experience a Paradise on Earth...

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The Magic of Rincon de la Vieja & Hot Springs

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Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is an intimate boutique hotel with awe-inspiring nature, where smiles and laughter are experienced in four natural mineral “green” hot springs pools, a fresh water pool with waterslide, the blue river (Rio Azul) the botanical gardens, the butterfly gardens, the natural mud bath and sauna, Blue River Spa and gym. Whether visiting the hummingbird sanctuary, turtle and fish ponds, miniature horses and donkeys or playing with the dogs, there is no end to the adventure and relaxation. Then venture nearby for Eco-Adventure Tours into the rain forest for hiking, horseback riding, water tubing, zip lining, white water rafting and much more. Our newest addition is Dino Park where life-size, moving dinosaurs are roaming inside the rain forest, a can't miss adventure for the whole family! Come stay with us and if you can't, come for a 1-day tour.

Rooms are well-appointed 740 square foot cabanas with a hammock on the large balcony overlooking exotic flowers and the majestic Rincon de la Vieja volcano.

At the Tiki Bar & Restarant you can look forward to experiencing Chef Yorbis’ gastronomic creations and from our bar manager, the drinks are as tasty as they look. From pizza to filet mignon and from nachos and patacones, there is something for everyone and all ages.

Only an hour’s drive from the dry heat of Liberia (LIR) and the Guanacaste beaches, is the north side of Rincon de la Vieja, where the hotel discovered hot springs and where the geography has transformed into a cool, lush, rainforest paradise. While in the rainforest overlooking the majestic volcano, you’ll discover amazing blue rivers, hot springs, thundering waterfalls and colorful flora and fauna. The locale is idyllic and your vacation, whether a family, a single or a couple on honeymoon, will have unforgettable experiences for both relaxation and adventure.

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Travel Awards: Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

  • 2015 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Certificate

TripAdvisor Hall of Fame

After only one year Blue River Resort & Hot Springs was recognized as among the best hotels in Central America for families in 2011 and also received the Award of Excellence by Now for being bestowed the Award of Excellence five consecutive years, Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is the proud recipient of the “TripAdvisor Hall of Fame.” This honor is conferred on accommodations, hotels and resorts which have continually delivered a superior customer experience. There can be no greater Seal of Approval than to be recognized by one’s clients. The staff at resort feel honored to be the recipient of this remarkable accolade and vote of confidence which affirms our continued commitment to excellence. So, what are you waiting for? We look forward to welcoming you to our paradise!

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The Fodor’s Choice Award

The team at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs in Costa Rica are proud recipients of the prestigious Fodor’s Choice Award. To quote Fodors comments about the hotel, “These places are the "best of the best," providing remarkable experiences in their price range, destination, or category.” We think you’ll agree.

The Hotel | Rooms | Amenities | Tours

Your Cabana
We call our rooms cabanas because they are 720 square feet, with an emphasize on personal comfort. Choose either two queen beds or king size bed configurations that include a mini fridge, in-room safe, 42" TV, coffee maker, hair-dryer, ceiling fan and air conditioning. On the large balcony, you won’t be able to resist lying out on the hammock overlooking the sunset, the rolling mountains, gardens, volcano, and seemingly-everlasting jungle. There is enough space for a family of 5 or 4 adults. A full breakfast is included and if you have up to two kids under 10, there is no extra charge. Learn more...

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Natural Mineral "Green" Hot Spring Pools

Harnessing the natural mineral "green" hot springs to create our gorgeous pools represents a crowning achievement. Costa Rica is known for hot springs and spectacular exotic settings but few are natural. Blue River Resort & Hot Springs has this in abundance and also boasts a mineral-rich qualities (aka the healing power). Learn more...

Blue River Botanical Gardens
Meander these tropical gardens along trails to encounter abundant rainforest species. There are many gardens and ponds. Look out for toucans and many other colorful birds. Visit fish ponds, iguana center, hummingbird sanctuary, colorful frogs, a turtle pond and even two baby crocodiles. Throughout the year there is an abundance of flowers, many of which are unique to Costa Rica. Stop at the benches to emerce yourselves in the pleasant smells and overwhelming beauty. You can spend the whole day here. Learn more...

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Butterfly Gardens

Discover Costa Rica's plentiful, unique and colorful butterfly species. We promise you won’t be disappointed by our butterfly gardens. Its actually a farm, where caterpillars are attracted to the plants grown here. At Blue River Butterfly Gardens we farm the Caligo Atreus, Illioneus, Morpho Peleides and Heliconius Sara. Learn more...

Blue River Spa and Gym
Our body is our temple, so choose from a menu of treatments for the one that is right for you at Blue River Spa. Learn more...
Work-out in the fully-equipped gym then for extra sweat there is a sauna. Here, we believe good health is a matter of choice, not chance - a perfect complement to the healing powers of our hot springs.

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Natural Mud Bath & Sauna
The mud bath facility is located inside the botanical gardens where there is a hot springs creek and a fresh water creek. We begin the treatment with natural sauna that is positioned over the hot springs creek. Afterward, we move to apply the volcanic mud. Then sit, relaxing while it dries before showering off in a fresh water creek. By combining the treatment with the hot springs you'll be, "all natural" and a little smelly, but your skin will feel great!

Eco-Adventure Tours
Choose from a fantastic variety of Eco-adventure tours, most of which, are near the hotel, along the Rincon de la Vieja. Be prepared to enter a rainforest jungle with volcanic blue rivers, grand waterfalls, hot springs and other spectacular attributes. Spot exotic birds and animals, like toucans, howler monkeys and sloths in their natural habitats. Guided tours include hiking, walking nature trails, horseback riding, zip lining, water tubing and rafting.  Learn more...

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Our Miniature Horses & Donkeys

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  • Dinner Display and Welcoming Staff

The Tiki Bar and Restaurant
The Tiki Bar and Restaurants is situated among the hot spring pools, across from the hotel, surrounded by the sights and sounds of flowing water and views of the majestic volcano, Rincon de la Vieja. Our long time Chef Yorbis Solano takes great pleasure pleasing clients with delicious local and continental fare. And let’s not forget Marlon Viales, our restaurant manager who concocts the delicious fresh beverages and beautifies the decor.
To better appreciate what to expect, here are two menus (click on the "PDF" buttons) containing the dinner menu and the vegetarian menu.

Learn more:
>> Eating in Costa Rica
Sodas, Seafood, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Meats, Kids & More

Cost Rica Foods & Recipes
>> Plantains
>> Yuca
>> Tamales

Meet our miniature horses and donkeys, which are fast becoming among the most beloved equine breeds -  and you’ll discover why. They are both elegant, gentle by nature and appealing to people of all ages.

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Environmentally and Socially Conscious

When you choose Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, you choose a one-of-a-kind destination that is dedicated to responsible and sustainable eco-tourism with a strong environmental mission. We are firm believers that our unique location provides us the opportunity to operate a sustainable business, to showcase the area’s natural beauty and all the while, protecting it. In addition, we strive to give back to the community by educating local children on environmentalism and ecology. Come be a part of ecotourism and discover the magic of Costa Rica with us!

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Rincon de la Vieja - Why the north (Caribbean) side?

The Blue River Resort & Hot Springs can be found along the north base of Rincon de la Vieja’s Volcano National Park, (also called the Caribbean side). Its a little further to come, compared to the south side, but only the north side is in the rainforest, has blue rivers and natural mineral hot springs. The spectacular surroundings include panoramic views of the volcano, jungles, and grand waterfalls. Nothing compares.

To reach Blue River Resort & Hot Springs takes about an hour from Liberia, Costa Rica, which is the gateway to the beach hotels along the Guanacaste coast. The drive here is spectacular in and of itself. After turning off the Pan American Highway the dry, hot, climate and flat landscape will begin to give-way while ascending to a cooler, lush rainforest with views of stunning mountain ranges. A rural way of life will also unfold, with locals on horse, moving livestock, living on farms and living simply.
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We, at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs look forward to hosting your authentic, green and eco-friendly Costa Rican vacation!