Blue River Resort & Hot Springs - Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Blue River Resort -Rooms, Rates and Transportation

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Reserve Your:
• Room (includes double occupancy + 2 kids under 10 & Full Breakfast)                              
• Tours for guests of the hotel
• Transportation to/from the hotel     
• 1-DayTours for guests staying elsewhere

For room reservations, use our booking engine to get up-to-date, lowest rates. However, for questions and to reserve through the hotel's reservation desk, fill in the form below. A staff member will reply promptly.

PLEASE be sure to read our Reservation Policy to know:
   - Pollicies for Cancellation, Tours, Pets and Smoking.
   - What's Included  & What's Not
   - Check-in / Check-out Times
   - Accessibility Options
Knowing and accepting these policies is a requisite.

Posted Room Rates 2015 & 2016 (pre tax)
-For up-to-date pricing use our reservations booking service. We'll beat any price currently posted on another online travel agency. E-mail reservations this information for a quote.
-The booking engine also offers a non refundable rate for a 7% discount.
-Room rates include full breakfast, double occupancy + up to 2 kids under 10

   High Season Nightly Rate
      December 16 to April 30
      July 1 to August 20
   2015: Cabaña 2 Queen Beds $140  /  Cabaña King Bed $150
   2016: Cabaña 2 Queen Beds $147 / Cabaña King Bed $157

   Low Season Nightly Rate
      May 1 to June 30
      August 21 to December 15
   2015: Cabaña 2 Queen Beds $116 / Cabaña King Bed $125
   2016: Cabaña 2 Queen Beds $122 / Cabaña King Bed $132

  * Exceptions: Peak Season Nightly Rate
     Christmas week: Dec 22, 2015 to Jan 1, 2016
     Easter week: March 20, 2016 to March 26, 2016
   Cabaña 2 Queen Beds $162 / Cabaña King Bed $172
   *Minimum 2 night stay

For Extra Occupant Charges  - read our  Reservation Policy

Transportation To / From Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
For your convenience we offer a shuttle service to/from most locations. After making your room reservation please comple the transporation form, found here. After receiving the necessary information we'll forward a price and a form to send back.

We look forward to serving you.

Is an extra bed or crib needed? [Your cabana has 2 queens]



Do you require a crib or an extra bed (your cabana has 2 queen beds)? Also, are there any food restrictions the restaurant needs to be made aware of?/¿Necesita una cuna o cama extra (Su cabaña tiene dos camas queen)? Además, ¿Hay alguna restricción con respecto a las comidas que debamos saber?/

If No, skip this section. If Yes, please provide the following details and we'll get back to you with a price. Text filed/Si la respuesta es No salte esta sección. Si la respuesta es Si, por favor llene los siguientes detalles y le responderemos con un precio.

If Pick-up is from another place, please provide these details:/Si necesita que se le recoja en otro lugar por favor proceda a llenar los siguientes detalles:

Transportation FROM Blue River Resort & Hot Springs/Transporte DESDE Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

Please fill out the following information if transportation is needed to another location:/Por favor llene la siguiente información si necesita transporte a otro lugar:

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