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Costa Rica is renowned for its hot springs and spectacular exotic settings. Blue River Hot Springs has a one-of-kind jewel. The hot springs located on the resort are considered to have unique healing powers. The water is mineral-rich, green and is released from the ground at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit.)

The natural mineral "green" hot springs found bubbling up from the surface at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs have been harnessed to create spectacular pools. Each hot spring pool has varying features and temperatures. In addition, guests can cool off in the fresh-water pool and bullet waterslide.

The surrounding landscape is lush with flowers and rainforest foliage. Panoramic views of the mountains, including the Rincon de la Vieja volcano surround you. Enjoy great food, drinks and an inviting atmosphere at the Tiki Bar & Restaurant.

The Healing Power of Hot Springs:

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Around the world, including Costa Rica, hot spring pools utilize the natural water from the ground or heat water using the natural hot rock formations under the ground. However, there are only two to three other locations in Costa Rica found to have a natural water source containing a high natural mineral content (the healing power). Blue River's natural hot springs are high in mineral content, chemical-free and are the cleanest and purest waters in Costa Rica.

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Features that Rejuvenate Your Muscles, Melting Away Your Tension

Each unique pool is constantly fed from the hot springs bubbling up on the Blue River Resort. Enjoy pools with varying temperatures, waterfalls, unique themes, all surrounded with exotic local fauna. Our pools include: the Grand Pool, Jamaica Pool, Jetted Pool, Iguana Pool, and the Kids Pool, which is great for swimming and features fresh-water and a bullet slide. Each is a piece of art that all members of the family will enjoy. If you’re feeling energized, head over to the fully-outfitted gym, steam room and wet and dry saunas. View Pictures

The Setting

The Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is situated in the north shadow of the Rincon de la Vieja (volcano) National Park in the heart of the rainforest. Enjoy panoramic views of the volcano, the moderate temperatures and exotic greenery. Nothing compares...

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