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Beach Activities

Beach Activities

Best Beach & Ocean Activities in Costa Rica

Surfing, Scuba Diving, Sport Fishing Tours, Turtle Nesting

Costa Rica doesn’t lack for gorgeous beaches; and we are pleased to introduce you to the best activities found in and along Costa Rica’s oceans. Whether on the Pacific or Atlantic (Caribbean) side of Costa Rica the beaches are warm and sunny most of the year, even during the country’s ‘rainy-season’. Besides lazing in the sun, the over 300 named beaches offer up a diverse selection of beach & ocean activities in Costa Rica.

Best Beach & Ocean Activities in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Resort

For sand aficionados the beaches vary in color, ranging from black, brown, gray to the ever popular powder-white sand. There are many secluded stretches of white sandy beaches with palm trees on the Pacific and Caribbean seas and there are touristy spots. Some beaches are rocky, others are covered in shells, or dusted with light granulated grains of sand. The Guanacaste beaches ere close to higher elevations, which is one of the beautiful features of a Costa Rica vacation, enabling a cooler, lower humidity alternative. This area is close to Blue River Resort & Hot Srpings too.

The ocean and the beaches are loaded with activities for visitors wishing to partake in, above and below the surface. For those in popular beach towns like Coco Beach (Playa del Coco) there are many tour operators offering excursions that include the equipment. We’ll go into more detail about the best beach activities and destinations in Costa Rica, along the best in separate articles. Here is a sampling of the best beach activities for the more active adventurer:

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Costa Rica offers snorkelers and scuba divers a view of the wide variety of marine species in their natural habitats. Many underwater adventurers argue whether the inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean are more colorful and interesting than dwellers on the Caribbean coastline, you be the judge and take your cameras to record the evidence. Trips depart the Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs at our guest’s convenience, to tour the Junquillal National Park. The tour includes a boat ride into the mangrove to view exotic wildlife and snorkel along the gorgeous Doll Island’s seascape and white sandy beaches. For the less adventurous, a trip on a glass-bottomed boat will transport guests for a drier view of the underwater world from a window above the surface.


The beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline are also famous for ‘perfect waves’ that surfers thrive on.

Sailing and Kayaking

For more adventure atop the waves, a catamaran, sunfish-sailer, or a kayak adds a special thrill to life on the seas, still enjoying the sun.

Water Skiing, Jet-Skiing and Wind-Surfing

Adventurous folks will be drawn to the speed of water skiing, jet-skis, and wind-surfers that zip along the surface adding excitement to the seascape. It is difficult to top those thrills but you can go soaring above it all; trained persons will strap you into a harness with a parachute, hitch you to a speedboat, and take you soaring high above the shoreline for one of the most spectacular views of the country.


Deep-sea fishing is an extremely popular pastime; daily charter trips can be booked in advance. Sport-fishing charter Captains provided everything needed at the dockside for a day’s deep-sea sport fishing. Upon returning to port, the charter can arrange for your catch to be mounted and shipped home, or cooked on the grill and served in the sunset. This may be a great opportunity to set a new International Game Fish Association (IGFA) record catch.

Now, let us jump straight in to the waters of Costa Rica one beach adventure at a time. We will introduce the best Costa Rica beaches, special features, and other bits of information to help you plan your trip. Our selections will be guided by ‘user ratings’ (visitor recommended) and slowly add new destinations for your consideration.

Enjoy our guide

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