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Capturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment

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Capturing the Moments

The rainforest jungle in and surrounding Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs offers amazing subject material at this top Costa Rican resort. Its amazing how the list of “must take” photographic equipment for vacationing visitors has gotten longer. Cameras, video recorders, laptops, back-up batteries and part time ‘phones-cum-cameras’ make up the essential gear for hunting in this natural wonderland. Consider fast moving scenes, sunsets and idyllic beaches as there is no need to venture very far for spectacular photo opportunities during you Costa Rica tours.


Since many will be traveling across the border for Costa Rica tours, check out the deals on photographic equipment in the duty-free shops. Most are located in airports by departure gates for international flights. Just make sure you have everything needed to begin taking pictures. Otherwise you’ll need to wait until reaching a population center like Liberia to make these purchases.

Keep Your Electronics Safe

The Costa Rican rainforest can be warm, damp and humid; rainfall is frequent but it dries away just as quickly as it fell. Sensitive electronic equipment will appreciate some extra guarded protection and attention.


All objects are subject to condensation when moved from one temperature zone to another (warm to cold and vice versa).


In Costa Rica tours going from inside an air-conditioned vehicle to walking around in the warm outdoors is enough to cloud most lenses. Camera lenses that are exposed for prolonged periods to high humidity risk condensation and develop ‘spotting’. This will eventually blemish the surface of the lens. Afterwards, rust and corrosion will start inside the camera body and possibly erode the electronic printed circuitry. When moisture remains on any surface for prolonged periods, mould will grow and this can be a costly repair job even if it is discovered soon thereafter. There are only a few technicians qualified to deal with specialized hi-tech cameras and equipment in Costa Rica. Try to avoid this unnecessary expense entirely. Even the most tightly sealed ‘underwater cameras’ are susceptible to condensation. It occurs when a surface at one temperature meets an opposite element at another temperature particularly in a restricted air space.


Here are a few precautions:

Allow a camera that has been sitting in an air-conditioned vehicle, or building, to warm slowly to the temperature outside.
Wrap the cameras body in a light-colored towel before moving. This helps the cameras internal mechanism to adjust slowly to the outside temperature.
You will not have to forgo a shot because the camera is wrapped, quickly expose the lens and viewfinder, snap the shot, turn the camera back off and cover it again.
For longer periods of storage or when not in use, place the camera in and “re-sealable” plastic bag- with most of the air pressed out.
Then insert the bagged camera (above), or other electronic device, in a clean, dry, plastic ‘Tupperware-type container’ with a close fitting lid.
Include ‘Silica-Gel’ in packets with the equipment in the plastic bearing bags and plastic containers. This will remove the dampness from the air surrounding the electronic circuitry.
Popcorn- Substitute dry grains of un-popped popcorn kernels instead of Silica, a handful will help to keep moisture from ruining your equipment.
Turn off all equipment when not in use, this helps to reduce the internal heat generated by most cameras and video recorders.
If your camera suffers a mishap, a good camera repair technician in Guadalupe, Costa Rica, is Gilberto Bolanos, his phone number is 2224- 4186 / 8379-0823.
Canon Corp. have a camera repair shop in San Jose, there are many Canon stores, most are photocopy shops. Call and ask for directions.
Kodak, Guadelupe, SJ, (2234-6970) have a ‘camera store’ in the Plaza de la Cultura, Costa Rica.
Use the laptop for viewing, editing and storing photos. For extra security, upload them to the cloud.


The cabanas at the Blue River Resort are all air-conditioned. Air conditioning reduces much of the moisture inside the rooms. Here the electronics can be safely stored and recharged. More current information is available at the Blue River Resort & Hot Springsfront desk. They will direct you to the best choices available.

The lush green countryside is filled with floral rarities. How often do you see, blue rivers, “green” hot springs, exotic flowers, a majestic volcano or hummingbirds hovering in mid air? The Blue River Resort and Hot Springs provides the setting you will need to capture these moments with your photographic equipment and to share with the rest of the world over the internet.


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