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Consumer Queen

Consumer Queen - Blue River Resort

Thank You Melissa Garcia

December 2015

In October 2015, we welcomed a wonderful and interesting visitor to Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs. Together with her husband, Mellissa Garcia, who operates the blog,, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with us and we were happy to a comp part of their stay. For people like myself, it was difficult to appreciate how she earns a living.

Her monthly online audience that is now in excess of 130,000 unique visits (and growing) seek her advice and recommendations on her blog, Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps it’s my age, as I have a need to equivocate this with a bricks and mortar business but the best I could do is to compare it to a popular newspaper columnist in a major newspaper publication.

When judging if such a visit is worth the risk, she offered proof of readership and where the traffic comes from, which made me realize there is more to it. So let me take this opportunity to thank Melissa formally for risking her holiday time here and for writing about their experience at our Costa Rica jungle rain forest hotel inside

I encourage you to check it out too. The pictures and video are terrific. Also, from the staff’s perspective and Daniel , my partner, I’ve been ask to let pass on that they enjoyed having them too. The article boosted visits to our website and resulted in many reservations.

I’d like to offer a couple updates since the article. 4G cell phone coverage is now available in our area (Rincon de la Vieja) through Claro. Most or all cell phone companies in the US, Canada and Europe have reasonably priced add-on packages that offer Costa Rica phone minutes and data. Please don’t take this as an encouragement to use smart phones, but practically speaking, we know that this is important for clientele.

The other updates is our newest attraction – the first Dino Park in Costa Rica and Central America – is opening up inside our rainforest. Life-size dinosaurs are populating and moving about inside the a rainforest jungle alongside our blue river. Look for the official announcement when it will be ready for visitors; and bring the entire family. The Dino Park is almost complete and hopefully it will open in December 2015.

So, let me tell you a little more about Melissa’s as you may find it useful. There are several sections listed vertically, each one containing several articles/blogs.

From top to bottom are the sections are categorized as follows. The first contains articles on how to save money; then travel destinations, tips and savings; then recipes; “My Royal Family” contains a mix of helpful articles; Event opportunities; and lastly, consumer news. All these helpful tips makes for a worthwhile experience.

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