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Costa Rica Environment

Costa Rica Environment

Costa Rica environment

Protecting the Environment, People and Resources

Costa Rica arrived as a truly popular nature travel destination in the late 1980’s by leveraging its main competitive advantage –protecting the environment with an established system of national parks and protected areas which cover about 23.4% of the country’s land area. Not only does that represent the highest percentage of any country worldwide, while Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the world’s landmass, it has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This system of parks represents a rich variety of flora and fauna with several active volcanoes that can be visited. By protecting the Costa Rica environment, its main industry has become tourism. Many of the world’s renowned resorts are now located within short travel distances by air and land in the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean areas.

Costa Rica Environment

The untouched beauty of Costa Rica matches the warm friendly Costa Rican people. They tend the environment. This includes Hollywood perfect volcanoes that create mineral rich rivers which meander and create naturally warming volcanic hot springs, through a lush jungle teaming with wildlife. Some rivers cross lakes stocked with fish on their way to the shoreline that forms the country’s Eastern and Western borders. The land appeals to anyone seeking a getaway from bustling, congested cities, endless mechanical noises and the concrete jungle.

The government of Costa Rica has put in place a careful system for planning, monitoring, and the management of its resources to prevent destruction. They do this by placing an economic value on each resource with the rationale that if it is not protected, it will be squandered. Even more to the point, if not used appropriately, the result will be to the detriment of the people of Costa Rica. The government and people are very aware of their perishable birthright. These programs are intended to protect the critical elements of the eco-system and the people from exploitation and abuse. The Costa Rica National Accreditation Commission instituted a program called the Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program (CST) to monitor the industry and its resources. It prescribes how stakeholders will operate within a pre-defined, sustainable model of, cultural, natural, and social management of all the countries resources. The system awards points to each participant, based on the level of their participation in the plan. It assigns a ‘green leaf’ insignia to each of the five levels (5 leaves) or standards achievable. Blue River Resort and Hot Springs is currently rated as a ‘3 leaf’ boutique resort and is steadily working toward achieving more. The mission statement and all policies of the Blue River Resort are in strict accordance with agreed principles and practices of the CST regulations. For details about Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica and the Blue River Resorts involvement, check here CST & BBR. Unregulated, Costa Rica could rapidly become a ‘paradise lost’, joining so many other tourist destinations worldwide that have been over used, inappropriately exploited, and left as barren wastelands.

Sustainable tourism allows everyone to enjoy the resources now and for many years to come, whilst at the same time improving the standards of the country and its people. The regulations influence both the 100,000 expatriates living there, as well as those visiting for only a short stay in the country. The regulations are designed to prevent destruction of the rainforest and its inhabitants, the volcanoes, springs, rivers and beaches.

The People

It is natural for visitors to fall in love with the country and its people and recognize this as an investment for both their health and for financial considerations. Some want a warm tropical getaway from the big city chills, especially during winter. Packages are available for visitors to become residents with no effort at all. Newly subdivide residential areas outside one of the major cities like, San Jose, Puerto Limon, Alajuela, Heredia, Liberia or Barranca, are waiting for occupation. The population density of cities within Costa Rica is very low. The exception is San Jose whose population is under 400,000 residents, all the other cities each have a populace of 50,000 or less. The further you go away from the city, the fewer the number of Ticos you will see; but the more horses and cows grazing on lands with lots of fresh air and arable space around them. The cities are the connections to the truly magical places in the Costa Rican eco-tourist adventure, a place where one’s home is on the fringe of a jungle, or in walking distance of a beautiful uninhabited beach.

Costa Rica Environment

If you are inclined to make Costa Rica your new home, there are residential subdivisions, already prepackaged with all the necessary infrastructure and legal work already completed for prospective investors. One of these properties is located on 76 acres of rolling countryside adjacent to the Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs, less than one hour from the beach resorts of Guanacaste, in Liberia, Costa Rica. The blue-volcanic Penjamo River, flows from the Ricon de la Vieja Volcano through the Blue River Estate

The developers at the Blue River Estate , have sub-divided lots of land ranging from under an acre to several acres. All ‘best practices’ are carefully adhered to in the establishment of this development, ensuring compliance with CST and other regulations of Costa Rican Real Estate Law. This is an opportunity to own a property, either your home or for vacation rental during specific periods of the year in the ‘rental pool’ operated by the Blue River Estate. Owning property at the Estate entitles you to the use of 28 acres of the lush nature park reserve, with the Ricon de la Vieja Volcano in the background. It also comes with Life Membership at the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and access to their many facilities.

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