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Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Medical Tourism - Blue River All Inclusive Resort

In Costa Rica Medical tourism is a growth industry. Compared to industrialized nations medical costs are often substantially lower. In those countries, there are procedures and fees not covered by insurance and long wait times for several procedures. This creates a strong incentive for seeking out alternatives. There are a large number of procedures, from dental and cosmetic, to time sensitive tests. These procedure not be covered only partially covered, making financial considerations and timeliness of paramount consideration. Since patients may often need to remain nearby during recovery, Costa Rica becomes even more compelling. More people ‘outsource’ their health treatments than at any other time. As a result, Costa Rica has become an increasingly popular destination for those seeking quality medical treatments at a lower cost.

In Costa Rica hospitals offer the same modern treatments as their international counterparts. Surgeons, doctors, dentists and technicians are trained at the same medical faculties as those in leading international hospitals. Costa Rica’s medical tourism compelling advantage is that it can dispense services at a lower cost.

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The cost difference becomes compelling when a procedure is not covered by health insurance or only partially covered. That creates the incentive to compare the cost of having it done in Costa Rica. However, cost is not the only factor, because delays in timely medical care (often due to wait-list times), means further risks to health and surgical outcome. Many argue this is a greater incentive to seek alternatives.