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Costa Rica National Symbols

Costa Rica National Symbols

Costa Rica National Symbols Depict The History Of The Ticos

National Symbols of Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Symbols

June 2016

Costa Rican’s cherish their National Symbols, which serves to remind citizens of a proud past and represent the principals and standards that defines the nation’s fabric. Such ideals are found in their emblems, the anthem and the motto.

Like the flora, fauna and festivals of Costa Rica, the National Symbols are also colorful. So as you sit back and sip one of the colorful cocktails served in the Tiki Bar at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, kick-back, looking out at the flowers in the rainforest, the natural mineral “green” hot springs and views overlooking majestic, Rincon de la Vieja volcano and contemplate what defines Costa Rica as a nation. We hope these blogs provides insights into the Tico psych. These symbols honor special episodes in Costa Rica’s history and the strongly held ideals treasured by the people. As a visitor you can use this new awareness for a better understanding of the Ticos, the structure of the country and how it governed.

In addition to the national symbols, each province has its own flag and each Canton has an iconic emblem in the form the Coat of Arms. Political parties also have their own flag and sometimes emblems too. Here are the National Symbols of Costa Rica:

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