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Costa Rica Recipes

Costa Rica Recipes

Costa Rica Recipes , Traditional Food and Drink in Costa Rica

Traditional Food and Drink in Costa Rica

Often while vacationing in Costa Rica, visitors enjoy sampling the many local dishes. Many Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs guests include travel time along the Rincon de la Vieja and other parts of Guanacaste where they’ll notice that what is grown in the field is also found on the grocery shelves and on the menu in restaurants.

These ingredients that are used to create Costa Rican traditional food and drink include sugarcane, rice, beans, coffee, pineapples, maize, oranges, yucca, avocado, coconuts, bananas, and plantains. Traditional Costa Rica cuisine will aways include some combination of these ingredients.

In this blog, expect the Costa Rica recipes introduced in this blog to be delicious delectable food that you can recreate in your kitchen. They’ll be so tasty we hope you’ll pass on the recipes.

Our sources come from many places and some are unique local combinations. Costa Rica cuisine begins with a contribution from the Spaniards, followed by influences from Africa, Europe, China, and the Caribbean. Only after tasting them, you will begin to understand why they are so good.

Costa Rica produces so many vegetables and fruits for export worldwide, that it shouldn’t be difficult locating most of the necessary ingredients at your local grocery store. You’ll find them available in the “Tropical Food Sections”. Our goal is to bring a focus on popular recipes that include these foods.

In addition, we will add some history, trivia and preparatory tips associated with dishes in an effort to ensure a better understanding of the foods of Costa Rica. The recipes offered here utilize fresh Costa Rican fair. If we think something may not be available, we will suggest a suitable substitute for it.

For those returning from their holiday, soaking in the Costa Rica hot springs and enjoying the awe inspiring nature of Rincon de la Vieja with family or friends, we hope this blog will be a way to reproduce those good times.


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