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Costa Rica Tourism

Costa Rica Tourism

Costa Rica Tourism - Live The Pure Life
Costa Rica Tourism

Tourism is popular in beautiful Costa Rica and like many others who visit, you may never want to leave; but, ‘That is OK as well!’

Costa Rica Tourism

The Republic of Costa Rica is located on the Isthmus of Panama, between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. On the west coast is the Pacific Ocean and in the east is the Caribbean Sea. This peaceful nation enjoys the longest-standing democracy in South America, and a high literacy level of 95%. As for tourism, Costa Rica is regarded as a super eco-tourist destination. This small nation contains a formidable 5% of the earth’s total biodiversity. All of it exists naturally in its tropical landscape.

The people of Costa Rica take great pride in their country and are gracious hosts to their guests.In 2013, the Costa Rica tourism industry attracted 2.4 million travelers to the country. Tourism is an industry that earns more revenue for Costa Rica than its booming agricultural sector! Half of the visitors here are ‘eco-tourism adventurers’; getting back-to-nature is their lure. Other visitors are a mixture of medical tourism and business travelers.

Costa Ricans speak both Spanish and English, which makes communication simple. Visitors also will hear a local Creole, Maketelyu (sounds like make-I-tell-you), coming from inhabitants of the Caribbean coastal country. Some say the accentis a Jamaican-based dialect, some others say it is a blend of South American Indian, Jamaican, African, and some German dialect, combined with some Spanish and English. But words cannot describe the natural tropical beauty that is everywhere. From the volcanic peaks, down the slopes of the rainforest to the sea, the country is a rich tropical paradise.

Early explorers arrived by sea seeking a bounty of gold and precious jewels. They were disappointed and frustrated and left not realizing the true wealth of Costa Rica. An abundance of natural minerals and other valuable resources the country now enjoys were completely overlooked. Costa Rica steadfastly protects her resources to ensure equitable and sustainable use by all.

To Ticos, visitors are very special treasures to them. Tourism in Costa Rica is graciously hosted by the welcoming people of the country. They are poor people but they are extremely proud, friendly, and hospitable.

The local population is always willing to engage travelers in conversations about their country and other matters of interest. Many Ticos are employed in the agricultural sector; planting coffee, bananas, pineapples, palms and other tropical delicacies.

While they earn low wages, they enjoy excellent state-provided health care. In this country, a few dollars go a long way for locals and guests alike. Local restaurants and bars, called Sodas, offer great meals and drinks at lower prices than hotels and nightclubs.

Those who wish to enjoy the full array of entertainment that the tourism industry in Costa Rica has to offer can visit the fairs, parades, and celebrations and meet the true ambassadors of the country. Singing, dancing and enjoying fine foods are always the highlight of the festivities.

Ticos will welcome you to join in. Make sure to view a bloodless bull riding or visit their country fairs. Colorful parades are led by brightly colored oxcarts, and cheerful people dance to non-stop music.

The income from tourism in Costa Rica is also provided by ‘Medical Tourism’. Vacation Tourism and Business tourism also offer excellent ‘value for money’. Medical and dental procedures performed in the country are widely renowned within the global industry for their excellent results.

Visitors come from all over the globe to undergo treatments here.They combine their treatment here with recovery time spent staying in a resort. Patients choose medical tourism in Costa Rica because the total cost of the package will be less than doing the procedure where they live.

Imagine recovering at Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs! Many tourists choose it as an escape from the ’Concrete Jungles’ and the hustle-and-bustle of daily city life, in exchange for a soak in the natural, warm, hot springs, spa treatments botanical gardens, mud baths and much more; your body will thank you.

Visitors can fly into metropolitan San Jose’s, Juan Santamaría Airport (SJO). San Jose is home to many luxurious hotels, quaint restaurants, museums filled with rich history, and art galleries displaying the country’s unique heritage.

The Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR) in Liberia is the best way to access the Guanacaste Province. This airport is the closest to the Pacific coast and the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs. For travelers arriving by vehicles, the Interamericana, or the ‘Pan-American Highway’ runs through Costa Rica and her neighboring countries.

The route facilitates bus and rail travel and passes in close proximity to the Blue River Resort. Traveling by road offers the advantage of seeing more of the country’s tropical scenery. Costa Rica’s two coastlines routinely welcome cruise ships and their guests.

The Guanacaste Province is the vantage point to access many of the country’s outdoor activities. The Province is outside of the commercial zone, in a relaxing eco-friendly paradise.

Expect to see farmers milking their cows before breakfast and Ticos riding their horses to work early in the morning, as the mist rises to greet the morning sun. The Blue River Resort in Guanacaste is 90 minutes from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR) in Liberia along the northern side of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

Guests enjoy many activities such as swimming, SCUBA diving, surfing, fishing, and boating on the Pacific coast. On the other hand, if you prefer a slower, rustic, laid-back getaway, then the Limon Province on the Caribbean shoreline is where the trees dangle above the surf and sway rhythmically to Reggae music.

The Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is nestled in the cool rainforest with views of majestic Rincon de la Vieja volcano. The luxurious, rustic and cozy air conditioned cabanas provide the comforts of a premier resort and premium experience. The blue river, Rio Azul, flows from the nearby volcano into the Resort’s natural ‘hot springs’, where warm, mineral rich, therapeutic waters create a genuine spa treatment. Simply soak and unwind in its warmth or exfoliate your entire body with a ‘hot-mud-bath’. Rinse in the river’s warm waters and then sip a tropical cocktail whilst swaying in the hammock on your balcony. The surrounding area and Rincon de la Vieja National Park offers hiking trails, zip-liningriver rafting, bike and horseback riding, and many more guided Eco-Adventure tours as part of a transcendent Costa Rica tourism experience.

Costa Rica sits on the edge of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’,or the geographical area where volcanoes are most frequently found. This is one of the safest places to visit a volcano and there are 120 of them to choose from.

Don’t be alarmed; only six are considered active. 61 are dormant and the others are extinct. Tours are conducted to peaks which display no seismic activity; all are closely monitored for safety purposes using sensitive monitoring devices and some have cameras that provide a view on the web.

The Irazú volcano rises 11,260 feet (3,430 meters) above sea level. The highest peak is Cerro Chirripó; a towering vision at 12,530 feet (3,820 meters). Fauna and flora on the slopes of the volcanoes and mountains form the basis for the rainforestand provide Costa Rica visitors an ideal eco-tourism product, while trails lead to breathtaking wildlife.

Lake Arenal is the largest lake, and is near the volcano of the same name. It is so large that it spans the border of Guanacaste and Alajuela Provinces, providing water for the generation of hydroelectric power. The combined product of the rich earth of the region,mixed with volcanic ash on the slopes and plateaus, has produced an ideal acidic-soil for the cultivation of Arabica Coffee, another major export of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Tourism

Nature lovers can enjoy many activities on Costa Rica’s coasts and SCUBA diving is very popular on both coasts. The diving off Cocos Island is so stunning that Jacques Cousteau had to comment: “Cocos is the most beautiful place in the world”. Surfing, snorkeling, sport fishing, kayaking, sailing, or just lazing in the sun, Costa Rica is a great choice for ocean and beach lovers. Be very careful! Many Costa Ricans once were visitors that enjoyed the beauty and never left.

Costa Rica Tourism

World famous theme parks meet their challenge here from natural thrills in the rainforest, which continually bring in tourism revenue for Costa Rica.Better than a roller coasteris a zip-line ride down the slopes and through the forest. Some rides last for over an hour! Riders soar through the trees in the forest, securely connected to a guide-line, for a breathtaking view of the country. Howler monkeys and exotic birds entertain along the way. The wildlife in the rainforest is usually reserved for scientific journals like National Geographic and other outdoor documentaries.

Delicate orchids grow beneath the forest’s canopy, each with its own unique bloom, all 1,500 varieties of them. Many unusual species of birds live here as well; all brightly colored. They create a stark contrast to the lush hews of the forest’s greenery. The Humming Bird Sanctuary at the Blue River Resort is home to several different birds residing comfortably in one location.

And the Butterfly Gardens and botanical gardens conjure up visions of the Garden of Eden. Colorful frogs, lizards,and many reptiles live in the rainforest. The setting’s charmis romanticized by low-lying clouds and mist hovering around the peaks of sleeping volcanoes. Costa Rica’s wildlife is well illustrated in guide-books designed to help visitors accurately identify their subjects.

All this and more awaits visitors to the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs, which ensures a memorable Costa Rican tourism package vacation at an affordable rate. Visit us on the web at www.blueriverresort.comfor more details on what we have to offer.

Pura Vida!
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