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Costa Rica Volcanoes

Costa Rica Volcanoes

Updated June 20, 2020

Costa Rica’s Volcanoes stand like giant pyramids rising through the clouds over 6,000 feet above the Republic’s lush green tropical plains the volcanoes stand at the ready. Will they erupt? No one knows the day or the hour when one may.

Visitors from around the globe and nationals too, flock to the volcanos of Costa Rica, which is renowned for its 27 national parks and having five percent of the world’s biodiversity. The volcanos are located in parks and are responsible for creating incredible natural beauty. They are the source of rain forests, rivers of every color, grand waterfalls, hot springs, incredible wildlife, and flowers. Tourists partake in thrilling activities like tubing, rafting, zip lining, canyoning, horseback riding and hiking both in national and private parks.

Volcanoes also provide Costa Rica’s arable soil for agriculture, minerals for mining, heat for energy production, and an abundance of fresh water.

Like all moody volcanoes on the planet they will sometimes lay dormant for centuries until that day when they release a volcanic eruption of notable proportion. Rest easy; thanks to modern scientific advancements they are almost predictable these days.

Rain falls like clockwork in Costa Rica; it is so predictable it allows people to plan their routines around daily downpours. The interaction of cool sea breezes and warm volcanic updrafts generate huge volumes of water in the form of rain. The rainfall nourishes rainforests on the many volcanic slopes and supplies the numerous multi-colored rivers flowing there. As the rivers travel they become loaded with nutrient collected from the rainforest and transport it to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. That’s why Costa Rica enjoys some of the world’s richest fishing grounds in the world. Volcanoes are a blessing to this land.

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