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Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers

Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers

Costa Rica’s Colorful Rivers
Costa Rica Blue Rivers

The blue river, Rio Penjamo swimming opportunity

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Another spot along the blue river Penjamo

PART IV – Posted June 2017

Costa Rica’s special rivers don’t just come in blue. Visiting colorful rivers is a highlight of any Costa Rica vacation. Rivers come in many shades. Here are examples of colored rivers of Costa Rica that are:

  • Blue Rivers
  • White Rivers
  • Yellow Rivers
  • Green Rivers
  • Black Rivers
Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Waterfall along Toro Amarillo

The Blue River or Rio Azul is an example of the varying shades of blue. They flow from the Rincon de la Vieja volcano passing a short distance from the Blue River All Inclusive Resort and Hot Springs.

Rio Blanco, the White River starts from the Miravalles volcano in Guanacaste.

Rio Sucio, the Yellow River is a tributary of the Rio San Juan. It gets its color from the rich sulphur deposits from the Irazu volcano.

The river Toro Amarillo, translated is “the yellow bull”, begins in the Turrialba volcano.

The Rio Negro, the Black River, also flows from the north side of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. The water is crystal clear but there are sections where vegetation settled on its bed, making it appear black.

Enjoy a Costa Rica Blue River

Without a doubt, a highlight of any Costa Rica vacation will include going inland for Eco-adventure inside one of the rain forests. Leaving the hot, dry savannah of Guanacaste (especially the beaches & Liberia), Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is the best option, and is known for having the ultimate in relaxation and adventure. Rio Azul and Rio Penjamo are two blue rivers you won’t want to miss. Entering the rain forest here, you’ll experience a paradise on earth. This jungle rain forest Resort is on the north side if Rincon de la Vieja, about an hour’s drive from Liberia, Guanacaste. It is not only the most convenient location to the beaches on either coast, it is the only region that has blue rivers, hot springs, views of the steaming crater and a rain forest – all together in one location.

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Horseback riding through a lagoon

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Swimming in the blue river, Rio Azul

Plus, the tours are all here, on site. Stay in luxurious cabanas that are spacious, with all the modern amenities, complete with a hammock on the balcony. Enjoy the hot springs, botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, natural mud bathing and much, much more at the Resort. Set out on top-rated Eco-adventure tours into the jungle to visit blue rivers, grand waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna: travel by horse, hiking, water tubing, rafting and zip lining.

Make sure to seek out a ‘no-sodium-swim’ in one of Costa Rica’s blue rivers.

In Costa Rica, it’s called living the ‘pure life’.


Blue Rivers of Costa Rica – Blog Contents

Intro – Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers
A special allure
Part I – What a Blue River is
The scientific explanation for blue rivers.
Part II – Rio Celeste vs. Rio Azul vs. Rio Penjamo
Fantastic Eco-tourism and adventure in and along these blue rivers
Part III – Volcanoes Create Blue Rivers
Rivers, rain, hot springs, irrigation – an almost continuous source of water for the lush tropical rain forests and growing world beating exports.
Part IV – Costa Rica’s Blue Rivers
Names and descriptions of the best known kinds of blue Costa Rica Rivers – in shades of blue, white, yellow, green, black and more.