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Counting Sea Turtles

Counting Sea Turtles

Counting Sea Turtles For Conservation Measures

August 2017- Part II

Counting Sea Turtles for conservation measures, permits tracking the decline in population. Counting the species has always been a challenging job. Only females come ashore for nesting. Male Sea Turtles spend nearly their entire lives in the sea. Two factors are accountable:

  1. The number of nesting Sea Turtle females seen on beaches where they have established a previous count.
  2. The number of Sea Turtle hatchlings released into the ocean, or observed entering the ocean.

The decline in their numbers are very real and a true indication of their critical existence.

Ways to save Sea Turtles

Here we will highlight ways to assist in the battle to save Sea Turtles and the environment in general.

We will do two things:

  • First, we will look at 2 of the newer threats added to those already endangering Sea Turtle survival in “Threats to Sea Turtles”.
  • Secondly, we will identify the well-established problems and discuss what is currently being done to repair the damage in “Endangered Sea Turtles Facts” in “Endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica“.

Finally, we will discuss specific ways you can assist for little or no extra cost. Most of the changes will benefit your own health and the environment at the same time.

It is important to remember all current conservation techniques will require some degree of modification in the future. The dangers to Sea Turtle populations are not static. So, the solutions will have to be modified as time-goes-by. Examine the following discussion on the ‘Recent Dangers to Sea Turtles’ in Threats to Sea Turtles. which looks at developing issues.

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