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Endangered Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Endangered Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

August 2017- Part II

In Costa Rica and throughout the world, almost all Sea Turtle species are classified as Endangered. Poaching and over-exploitation takes place because they are being slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin and shells. Sea turtles face habitat destruction and are accidentally captured by fishermen. The changing climate is also negatively affecting sea turtle nesting sites.

Threats to Sea Turtles and our Environment

Will you stand-by and watch a living, breathing, specie, disappear, become extinct and vanish from sight into the pages of a history book?

If the thought moves you then let’s discuss what can be done to save endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica and throughout the world.

Endangered Sea Turtle Facts

  • All members of the Sea Turtle Family are endangered.
  • The world’s Oceans are all polluted and are a threat to Sea Turtles. Anything adversely affecting the ocean is a threat to Sea Turtles.
  • Sea Turtles spend 95% of their lives swimming the oceans of the world and only females come ashore to nest.
  • Sea Turtles are air breathing reptiles, with four-limbs and a vertebrate. Their time available underwater is limited by their lung capacity. They can drown.
  • In a relaxed setting, the average Sea Turtle can remain submerged for 2-6 hours; then they must surface for fresh-air. If a Sea Turtle becomes trapped underwater, the struggle to free themselves will shorten their time available underwater, after which they drown.

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