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Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
Rincon de la Vieja
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Costa Rica

Environmental Mission

Environmental Mission

Blue River Resort & Hot Springs: Social & Environmental Objectives

Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Blue River Costa Rica Resort is an eco-tourism destination located along the north base of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, which runs along the country’s central mountains in the northwest corner of Costa Rica. The hotel is beside the blue volcanic river Celeste and is blessed with natural mineral hot springs. The location, the region and the natural hot springs continue to represent a unique opportunity to develop a one-of-a-kind resort and estate.

Social and Environmental Objectives

It is the mission of Blue River Costa Rica Resort, Hot Springs and Spa to foster a unique brand of ecotourism that exposes international visitors as well as the children of Costa Rica to the natural wonders of the country by practicing the principles of sustainable development.

Blue River Resort, Hot Springs Hotel and Spa is achieving its mission by:

• Achieving and maintaining successful and sustainable businesses
• Educating locals and visitors in environmentalism and tropical ecology
• Investing in children as an investment for our future
• Showcasing the natural beauty of Costa Rica

Through partnerships with children Blue River Resort desires to expose people to the importance of ecology. The result is a win-win relationship for business with respect to return on investment as well as for the environment.

Sustainable development and its meaning for the Costa Rica resort

“Meeting human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future.”

A schematic of sustainable development has the social component binding both the economic development (i.e. the projects) with safe environmental practices. In this way, the owners of Blue River recognize that the resort should attract environmentally-minded individuals. Those attracted by the estate form an associated group of like-minded stakeholders who appreciate and support sustainable practices. We believe in a grounds-up approach to sustainability.

The Costa Rica resort offers hot springs, botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, bird sanctuaries and excursions to breathtaking natural landscapes. Utilizing these amenities for commercial purposes will of necessity provide the opportunity to both showcase and to be responsible for protecting the thriving natural environment.

Supporting Local Community

The staff and management is involved in the local community by supporting the schools, workforce and community associations. The company is also planning to implement a children’s program at the resort’s expense, to bring in children from throughout Costa Rica for a day of learning about the environment and practicing good environmental behaviors. A camp for children that is similarly-themed will be offered to children outside Costa Rica during summer and winter holidays for a fee.

Rated Amongst Top 25 Hotels in Central America for Families

Blue River Resort & Hot Springs Hotel was recently named one of the best hotels in Central America for families in 2012 by TripAdvisor. What are you waiting for? Bring your family along to this top Costa Rica hotels.