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Rincon de la Vieja
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Costa Rica

Park Rules, Regulations and Laws

Park Rules, Regulations and Laws

Blue River Resort & Hot Springs Hotel is Costa Rica’s only major hotel in the rainforest jungle along the north base of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park. Many rivers, including the famous blue volcanic rivers, Rio Celeste and Rio Penjamos, begin on the north side of Rincon de la Vieja and run through our valley. It is incumbent upon all visitors to follow the rules, regulations and laws established by the Costa Rican government and National Parks system in order to help you avoid inadvertently harming the environment:

  • The capture or trade of wild animals is prohibited in all National Parks or Reserves, including domestic flora and fauna, and all products or by-products of such.
  • The export, import or transfer of any species specified on the endangered species list, or products thereof is strictly prohibited.
  • The Ministry of Atmosphere and Energy strictly forbids the possession, hunting, fishing or extraction for whatever reason, be it products or by-products of any species of flora or fauna listed as being in danger of extinction.
  • Any species in danger of extinction shall be dealt with on a scientific platform to assist in the preservation, regeneration and longevity of each individual endangered species.
  • Countries not listed as members of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora are strictly prohibited to transfer, import or export any species that’s survival is considered in danger. Further information can be found at
  • It is universally prohibited to pick, extract, disturb, or remove all wild flora and fauna found within protected parks and reserves.


Violations of the above are considered crimes punishable by both national and international laws. Therefore, we kindly encourage everyone to cooperate in our efforts to encourage the protection of our natural biodiversity and resources, and thank you in advance for choosing to be a part of a growing international ecological consciousness!

Perhaps sustainability in Costa Rica mountain hotels is best summed up as follows:
RESPECT the local environment and the local culture and traditions.
PROTECT our nature and the natural treasures.
PRESERVE local resources.

As a consumer perhaps you wish to learn more about how to be eco-friendly. Though a Costa Rica jungle hotel, Blue River Resort & Hotel makes sustainable tourism seem natural .Here are some suggestions that can help put these words into practice – Practicing Eco-Friendly Behavior

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