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Volcano Eruptions in Costa Rica 2019 -2020

Volcano Eruptions in Costa Rica 2019 -2020

The last volcanic eruptions in Costa Rica was Turrialba Volcano in 2016 and January; March; and April 2017. News reports about Costa Rica Volcanoes aren’t always current though. For example, throughout 2019 and 2020 there have been phreatic eruptions on Rincon de la Vieja, such that tours to the crater have been suspended.

Poás Volcano, had mild phreatic eruptions- 25th September, 2019 to 1st October, 2019. Poás Volcano (June 16th, 2020) is considered ‘restless’.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 12:03 PM the silence of the afternoon was broken as the Poás Volcano shot an explosive charge of small rocks, mud, ash, and, gasses, 400- meters above its’ rim. The explosion caused no damage but it certainly got everyone’s attention.

NB- The beautiful La Paz River is one of those created on and flowing down the slopes of the Poás Volcano till it reaches a cliff and becomes the spectacular La Paz Waterfall.

There have been no major volcanic eruptions in recent times; there have been several phreatic eruptions during that time.

Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica’s youngest volcano and although it has not erupted since 2010, volcanologists are keeping a close eye on it.

On August 24th, 2000, the Arenal Volcano erupted causing the death of one person and two others were badly injured; nearly 1,000 persons were forced to evacuate the surrounding area. This is just another of the hundreds of eruptions and phreatic explosions in Costa Rica.