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Blue River Resort & Hot Springs
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Blue River Estate, Costa Rica

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our cliets had to say about the service they receive here at Blue River Estate:

“This is not just another development for us, and we will not go away once it is done. We love this area, plan to continue working here and sincerely hope to show you all the many things it has to offer.”

“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll clarify any doubt you may have. If we are not available when you visit, our team of professionals will be there to help you. Let us know when it’s convenient.”

About the Developers

Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica
Developers: Blue River Estate, Costa Rica | A Name You Can Trust

Cataratas Aguazul DAKG S.A. is the aptly named company that owns Blue River Estate. The owners and developers are Daniel Apelboim from Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA and Kevin Glassman from Vancouver, BC, Canada. They also developed and operate Blue River Resort & Hot Springs Hotel.
Kevin and Danny’s experience in property development and management is extensive. Together they developed a variety of real estate projects in Colorado, USA and during this time, they became close. Their love of nature, desire to protect the environment and belief that children are our future – is a driving force behind their work.

Danny Apelboim spent 5 years searching for both properties. During this time, Danny travelled back and forth between Costa Rica and his home in the United States every month of the year. Upon finding this area of Rincon de la Vieja and these projects, he set out to fulfill a lifelong dream to live in this beautiful region. Initially his intention was to spend 6 months of the year in Costa Rica and he already he spends three weeks out of every month in Costa Rica. Kevin comes every two months, choosing not to be away too often from his young family. Over time both Kevin and Danny have become ever more enchanted with Costa Rica and involved in the needs of the community and environmental causes.

They are here for the long term. They love the area and hope to grow and leverage the success of Blue River Resort & Hot Springs. A management team is being assembled to support the various needs of the owners of the lots, which includes:

• Building your dream home
• Upkeep of your home
• Operating a rental pool for extra income
• Upkeep of common areas