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Best Temperature for Mineral Water Therapy

What do the medical balneologists have to say about the temperature of mineral water therapy?

It is believed among some scientific circles that warm spring soaking is more beneficial (99 – 101° F) than thermal therapy. This is not necessarily supported by independent research and medical scientific analysis.
European medical doctors have conducted research into thermal therapy, and have found that Hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased. This results in increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation. The elimination systems of the body are thus stimulated, improving the body’s capacity to detoxify. The body’s metabolism is stimulated, resulting in improved digestion.

3 to 4 weeks of regular thermal bathing can assist in the normalization of endocrine glands and assist the automatic nervous system. Many of the stimulating benefits of hot spring water are temperature dependent. Balneologists have found that soaking temporarily in hot springs relieves chronic pain directly associated with inflammation, even in cases where inflammation has not been reduced.

In Japan, at the famous Kusatsu hot spring, a 3-minute 125° F bath is utilized for an extraordinary therapeutic experience. Each visitor is pre-screened by the “bath master” to determine if such a bath would be safe and beneficial for each individual.

The founder of Delight’s Hot Springs Resort kept a private and personal use therapy tub set at a consistent 116° F. Not everyone should utilize high-temperature hot springs for therapeutic use. The state of one’s metabolism and the presence of medical conditions are the determining factors when considering the most safe and healthy water temperature to bath in.

Contraindications to Hot Water Natural Mineral Springs Therapy:
  • Conditions involving high fevers
  • Extreme Hypertension
  • Malignant tumors and cancerous conditions ( internal )
  • Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders
  • Conditions presenting the risk of hemorrhaging
  • Anemic Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack
  • Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol


The existence of these or other metabolic conditions does not necessarily mean that there would be no benefit derived from utilizing Mineral Water Therapy. It does mean, however, that there is a risk associated that may out way any benefit to utilizing Mineral Water Therapy. In such situations, individuals should consult with a medical doctor before bathing, or consult with a European medical balneologist. In any case, soaking in mineral waters should not be done at excessively high temperatures without medical clearance when any contraindicated condition exists. A tepid to warm bath (~ 95° F – ~ 99°) is as safe as taking a bath at home.