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Jurassic Giants – Dino Park, Costa Rica

Jurassic Giants – Dino Park, Costa Rica

Hidden under the rainforest canopy along sidethe smoking volcano, in the middle of the Guanacaste rain forest are 27 giantlife-size dinosaurs that shock us with strong roars.

The roars can be heard from several hundred meters away and as we get closer,we know they are there but cannot see them. It’s nerve wrecking and exhilaratingat the same time. We must be careful because we are explorersentering inside the middle of a tropical rainforest, the only one,locatedin Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province. Here, it is very probabletoencounteran impressive dinosaur moving about.

We met face-to-face with Tyrannosaurus Rex, with its sharp teeth, almost four meters in height, 13 meters in length and 6,000 kilos in weight. Roaring loudly, pronouncing to everyone that he is the king of the Jurassic era, that he commands the jungle and that he is a carnivore who is very hungry. But wait, we left unharmed from this meeting. We did not run awayand we could even take pictures and videos of the famous T-Rex that lives in Blue River Resort & Hot Springs’Dino Park, which is situatednear Liberia, Costa Rica.

This rain forest is in the shadow of the imposing Rincón de la Vieja volcano on its north side. 27 dinosaurs hide themselves in the Guanacaste rain forest jungle. Finding them is not problematic, just follow a path in the middle of the rainforest park where they and we enjoy the pleasantCaribbean climate including itsdistinctive peacefulness.

Dinosaur Park Costa Rica

Our leader was a specialized tour guide at Dino Park whotaught us and made us we feel protected; but,we had to follow the instructions and read the many signs on-route signs. Remember tostay close, “it’s better not to run.”

One sign reads, “Do not stray away from your group or they might eat you, and that would be very bad”.

With a list of security measures on hand, we set out to learn more about the surrounding history behind these 27 animatronic movingdinosaurs, with sound and even special effects found inside this Costa Rica Jurassic Park.

The dinosaurs here are gigantic. Though not always true to scale, they are very close to real thing. As visitors approach motion sensors are triggered and the dinos begin with their show. The dinosaurs are placed at different points within the forest and the route is approximately one kilometer and 200 meters which can be covered in just over an hour.

Along the path, the Dino Park guide provides lots of information, like where they came from, what they ate, what size they grew to, etc. In addition, other aspects of life are taught, like the reasons for their shells, carapaces, tusks, horns and wings.

The guide show us in what parts in the globedinosaurs lived. This natural experience is combined with adventure and learning. The dinosaur species in the Dino Park were herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Some dinos are replicas of prehistoric eras, such asthe Cretaceous, Permian, Paleocene and Eocene periods.

In addition to the impressive T-Rex, are a variety other specimens such as the Triceratops that lived in the United States and Canada; the Parasaurolophus that was located in New Mexico, Ontario and Montana; the Irritator, who fed only on fish; the Pterosaurs that was one of the first known vertebrates that evolved flight; the Spinosaurus, which was located in North Africa and developed a kind of sail on its back; the Amargasaurus, discovered in the sector of Argentina, and the Gastornis, which was a giant bird that could not fly.

You will learn the meaning of their names. Can you guess what dinosaur is named “King of tyrant lizards”? Yes, the T-Rex. What do they sound like ‘bitter mountain lizard’, ‘bull consuming meat’, ‘face with three horns’ or ‘brave reptile’? You can also learn their real names at Dino Park.

Not only will be impressed with the great size of the dinosaurs, there is a full scale replica of three eggs of the tyrannosaur; a shocking snake that will surprise you from a tree. Remember, we are in a real rain forest, so beautifulreal insects inhabit the forest, like the bullet ant, of which you have to be very careful because of its powerful bite.

Dinosaur Park Costa Rica

Dino Park is located in the heart of the rainforest on the slopes of the majestic smokingvolcano, Rincon de la Vieja, and you won’t miss the spectacularview. The dense foliage, large trees, beautiful flowers, the occasional bird, or monkeys, can be seen at Dino Park. Upon exiting the park, is another spectacular walk along the banks of the gorgeous blue river Rio Penjamo, and inland to many waterfalls, including the Grand Waterfalls/

After completing your journey into the pastyour Jurassic experience is complete. Do not worry, if you follow the advice of the guides, you can leave without a single scratch inside Dino Park.

Respect. Building Dino Park on the grounds owned by Blue River Resort & Hot Springs was the inspirationofIsraeli owner,Mr. Danny Apelboim. He assures the children, that the ideastems from an old local legend about a dinosaur bone being found near Rincon de la Vieja.

After falling in-love with the Costa Rican greenery, Mr. Apelboim and his group purchased the property about 10 years ago in order toturnedthis paradise into a natural attraction, a special place for relaxation and adventure, beginning with the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs that has many amenities and a boutique hotel. After a time, he felt that more was needed and as dreamy and cheerful as he is, he thought of dinosaurs.

These animatronic robots were brought directly from China by ship almost three years ago. Since disembarking in Puntarenas, they began the complicated journey requiring care, to the north side of Rincon de la Vieja for building Dino Park inthis natural private park; It was not easy, the dinos traveled first in vans, but when they arrived at the property, each had to be loaded into oxen carts, the old way, because Apelboim was not going to allow the forest to suffer any damage.

His passion for the environment and nature and the dinosaurs led him to think that each giant animal needs to situated according to the environment of the forest, without having to change any natural element. The workers of the hotel were responsible for the assembly of the robots and electronic systems.

“I had a dream, a vision that could make the most beautiful place in Costa Rica where there are many things in a single space. When I came as a tourist I visited several places like Quepos and La Fortuna, but there was a problem and that was that you had to travel to do different activities. Here in the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, once here, you can do many things without travelling far, “explained Apelboim.

Dinosaur Park Costa Rica
Dinosaur Park Costa Rica

Relaxation. The Dino Park is operatedby the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs hotel, reservations staff. The hotel is located 90 minutes from the Liberia international airport. One-day packages to enjoy not only the adventure at Dino Park, but also the resort facilities with its hot springs pools, cold water pool, restaurant, spa, botanical gardens, natural mud bath & sauna and much more. Even better, stay the night in one of the 740 deluxe cabañas, given how much there is to do, and we haven’t mentioned the many tours yet.

At the hotel there are trails that will take you to different places to enjoy the nature that surrounds the volcano. There is a butterfly farm, a frog,fish, caiman and turtle ponds, volcanic mud bathing, a hummingbird sactuary, koi and tilapia fish ponds, Bird Lake and orchid garden. There is a Turkish-style sauna and an impressive natural sauna called “La Catedral”, which is constructed from volcanic material.

There area variety of animals that coexist. So, on a hike you can see a lazy bear with its slow walk through the branches of trees, miniature horses and donkeys and a variety of poultry and flying birds.

There are also many more adventure tours to experience, such as forest walks, horseback riding, rafting, safari in an army truck, zip lining,water tubing in the blue river.
The fee for the one-day tour is $ 55 for adults and $ 45 for children under 12. This package includes the entrance to the Dino Park, lunch, visit to the butterfly garden and frog pond, natural sauna, mud treatment and the use of the hot springs.

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