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Kardashians at Blue River Resort

Kardashians at Blue River Resort

Kardashians at Blue River Resort

Kardashians Vacation at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

February 5, 2017

By now, it’s common knowledge among fans of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, that the Kardashian-Jenner visit to Costa Rica really did take place and included much drama.

Now that the filming of their vacation is complete, more information has come out, including their time spent at Dino Park and Blue River Resort and Hot Springs, on the north side of the majestic volcano, Rincon de la Vieja. ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, commonly abbreviated KUWTK, is among North America’s most viewed ‘Reality TV Shows’ and last season alone, their show had an estimated average audience of 3.19 million people in the USA.

Add to that, approximately 160 more countries where KUWTK is aired. Since their departure, Google searches that combine “Costa Rica” and “Kim Kardashian” increased 85%. So, you can imagine the thrill for fans of Costa Rica who are looking for the inside scoop on Blue River Costa Rica Resort.

When it comes to location, the Kardashians, always look for sites that suit their and their fans’ interests. Celebrities like these, especially when on vacation, need to impress. The Kardashians always require ‘the best’ the Country can offer. Costa Rica provided everything they wanted and more.

Unfortunately, their itinerary was short, only four days and five nights; and, they had to accomplish a great deal. Their get-away also afforded the KUWTK family, still traumatized by the events in Paris, comfort, knowing the modern conveniences, communications, hospitals and most importantly the security, was all available.

So, with bags packed and gear in tow, the entire team boarded two private jets to Costa Rica for their Eco-adventure vacation.

Who Came on Vacation?

Kardashians at Blue River Resort

After a short flight, their jets landed at the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport (LIR), in Costa Rica. The KUWTK families were represented by- Kourtney, Scott Disick and their kids Mason, Reign, and Penelope; Kim, her two children, North and Saint West; and Khloe Kardashian; Kylie, her gentleman Tyga, and his son, KingKris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble, the camera-men and assorted crew. Not spotted on the trip were Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner.

At Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Like all episodes in pre-production, few details are known at this time, including the date this episode will air. We can only write what has been leaked and what can be surmised, especially about the Kardashian’s Eco-advetenture tour to Blue River Costa Rica Resort & Hot Springs and Dino Park.

Our information has been sourced from local newspapers and talking with witnesses. For example, rumor has it that Mason, who recently turned 7, is particularly interested in dinosaurs and when Kourtney and Scott learned about Dino Park and all the activities at the Resort, they immediately told their production team they wanted to come.

On Friday, January 27, 2017, two helicopters touched down with the Kardashians in tow on a field in the village of El Gavilan. For fans, the backdrop will be the location’s awe inspiring rain forest, views of the majestic, smoking, volcano crater, Rincon de la Vieja and the blue river, Rio Azul.

The rest of Guanacaste is a dry hot Savannah and the colors of the flora and fauna here on the north side of the volcano appear mixed as on an artist’s pallet. The Kardashians were greeted by the co-owner of Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, Daniel Apelboim and their experienced guides.

Though the crew attempted to stop everyone from taking pictures, hundreds of photos taken at the Blue River Resort’s facilities have been uploaded on Snapchat and Instagram. Each photo attests to the spectacle. Beautifully toned bodies clad in scant bikinis share photo-frames with Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

Scott Disick, Courtney Kardashian, their kids and the film crew headed off on the Resort’s Safari Truck, directly for Dino ParkDino Park is one of Costa Rica’s most popular attractions. As entrants walk the rain forest paths, they come face-to-face with life-size animatronic dinosaurs. What a thrill that enchants and teaches the young and the young-at-heart.

This was a high-point for the Kardashian-Jenner kids. After their exhilarating adventure with the dinosaurs, they walked over to an even more spectacular blue river, named Rio Penjamo. Then under the irresistible grand waterfalls for a cool dip, followed by zip lining and the Tarzan swing adventure.

We can’t imagine having enough time to do it all, but we expect they got a taste of the many thrills. Afterward, quite tired, they soaked in the famous natural mineral “green” Hot Springs in the many pools at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired on October 14th, 2001, and is now in its 12th season. It’s the story of the Kardashian and the Jenner families, portraying wealthy, mixed up families; following both, their professional and personal lives. The show’s cast includes their children and ‘significant others’. Some critics describe it as an ongoing saga about people who are ‘famous for being famous’. One thing for sure, KUWTH is one of the Network’s most successful and longest running hits. Love them or not, the series continues to win many audience-selected awards.

It is easy to imagine the show’s busy production schedule. Cast and crew are always at work filming new episodes; allowing little time for rest or recreation. Needing both and not wanting to stop the production, they add in vacation at luxurious, exotic locales to match their charmed lives. The last vacation in Paris did not go well. Millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen or lost; not to mention the mental anguish.

The Villa Manzu

Kardashians at Blue River Resort

For the KUWTK family in Costa Rica it was the private luxury hotel, Villa Manzu, on the Papagayo Peninsula; other members of the group stayed elsewhere. The Villa Manzu is a 5-Star facility with eight exquisite suites, fifteen beds and several bars.

The secured property covers 15 acres, of manicured grounds, overlooking the glistening waters of the Costa Rica coastline. Guests can relax by either of the Villas two swimming pools, spa, and gorgeous sunshine. Later, after dinner and drinks it was entertainment time, for some that was just cooling out in the villa’s air-conditioned cinema.

Manzu’s Executive Chef prepared their meals, complete with butler and maid-services. Chauffeurs were standing by to rev up the Range Rover, Ford Explorer, or Jeep Wrangler, if anyone wanted to go for a drive.

But this is the KUWTK family, who instead whizzed around in, not one, but two helicopters. In no time they landed near Blue River Resort & Hot Springs’ Dino Park.

Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

The Blue River Resorts has 2 rivers flowing through the property. The hot springs bubble up to the surface inside the resort’s botanical gardens to form the Hot Springs river that flow into 3 natural hot spring pools.

Add to that 2 fresh water pools, the bullet water slide and the Rio Azul for swimming. Between the two river-creeks are the natural mud bath and sauna. Other amenities are the Botanical Garden, showcasing over 700 varietals, fish turtle, caiman ponds and bird sanctuaries.

Colorful Central American butterflies hatch daily at the Butterfly Gardens. Add to all that the Blue Spa, a gym, miniature horses and donkeys – and much more. Don’t get too relaxed. Set out on award winning Eco-adventure tours. that include Horseback Riding to the Blue River & Grand Waterfalls; Zip Lining & Tarzan Swing; the Water Tubing Adventure; and River Rafting.

For those staying overnight, the Cabanas are extremely comfortable; air-conditioned, 740 square-foot with queen-sized beds. Each is equipped with a 42” satellite TV, and Wi-Fi services.

Be on the look-out for this hot episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ as they enjoy the best in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Kardashians

As you may have guessed, the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs made a ‘big splash’ with the KUWTK families. We predict their Eco-adventure will be a ‘must- do’ on everyone’s Costa Rica vacation.

Come find out why the Kardashian family chose Blue River Resort & Hot Springs. Not everyone comes to the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs by helicopter like the Kardashians. If coming via Liberia or arriving through Liberia’s international airport (LIR) the drive is under 90 minutes.

If you are staying on the beaches of Guanacaste province, like the Kardashians, Blue River Resort & Hot Springs is the closest rain forest. Come for a 1-day tour, drop-in and better yet, stay a few nights. The Resort will arrange your transportation. At the Resort, their guides escort guests to the many adventures.

Though Costa Rica will miss them, we can’t wait for the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ visit to Blue River Costa Rica Resort & Hot Springs to be aired.