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Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens

Blue River Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica Rainforest

Imagine a rainforest in your backyard!

Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica Rainforest

The stunning beauty of the exotic butterflies found at Blue River Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica is both delightful and educational.


The exotic Costa Rica butterflies fly about among the beautiful gardens, feeding, mating and laying eggs. Watch adult female butterflies ovipositing eggs on a host plant. Notice a tiny clump of gregarious larvae (caterpillars) devouring a leaf. Arrive during the morning to see butterflies emerge from the racks of pupae. Experienced guides will explain and let you touch the legs of butterflies and the scales on their wings. Benches are set up to relax and observe the spectacular colors of these fragile beings.


Our display center showcases pupae and displays the butterfly life cycle. We also operate a butterfly farm that successfully breeds many species in-house including Morpho, Siprueta Esterlene and Danaus Plexippus.

Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica Rainforest

Rincon de la Vieja National park is your neighbor!


Be sure to inquire for a tour of the butterfly gardens. You’ll get a broad perspective from experienced and knowledgeable guides about butterflies, the various stages and processes of the butterfly life-cycle and the role of butterflies in nature.


Entrance fees for the Blue River Butterfly Garden are purchased separately or as part of the day-rate package that also includes the pools (hot springs and fresh, botanical gardens, gym, saunas and spa). Entry to all amenities is included for guests who stay overnight at the hotel.

Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica Rainforest


You’ll notice specific plants used inside the butterfly garden and other food laid out for the butterflies to eat. It is said they can detect smell from miles away. Just outside the butterfly gardens notice the plants with branches surrounded by bags made of netting. These plants are intentionally grown to attract the female caterpillar, which are later brought inside the butterfly farm as pupae. The caterpillars’ extremely good sense of smell is important because they will lay their eggs on the specific plant(s). To attract the male butterfly, host-plant gardens are also necessary. The males are always on the lookout for females.

> Our Location- Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs is about an hour by car or shuttle from Liberia, Costa Rica through the lush cool green rainforest at the base of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, along the north Caribbean side. The surroundings include panoramic views of the volcano, jungles, grand waterfalls and blue volcanic rivers.

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Imagine a rainforest in your backyard and a national park
as your neighbor!