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Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Blue rivers, like the ones found by the Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs are one of Costa Rica’s premier attractions. There are many rivers in the world with the “blue” in the name. However, only Costa Rica’s blue rivers can boast truly breathtaking blue color.

Here, on the north side of the Ricon de la Vieja volcano, there are two wondrous blue rivers. The first one, Rio Azul flows across the road from Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, where guests can take a short walk into the rainforest for a swim in this Costa Rica blue river. The wilderness jungle is pristine and located just an hour drive from Liberia, Costa Rica’s travel hub for tourism.  From Guanacaste’s beach resorts book the one day tours, to this blue river for Water Tubing Adventure and the hike and swim to Cathedral Waterfalls.

The other spectacular Costa Rica blue river is Rio Penjamo, located a short distance from the hotel. Our day-tours, Blue River & Grand Waterfalls Eco-adventure, take place near this unforgettable blue river.

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Costa Rica Waterfalls

Costa Rica is famous for its blue rivers and nothing can compare to the unique celeste color of the water here. In addition, only the Caribbean (north) side of Costa Rica offers a lush rainforest, natural hot springs and views of the smoking volcano crater. The waters of a blue river are infused with magical minerals from the volcanic activity deep under the Rincon de la Vieja turning the river, a special effervescent blue that must be seen in person to believe.

Admiring the Beauty of Costa Rica Blue River

Several spectacular locations along our blue rivers have been discovered by our guides for tours at Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs.

Rio Penjamo

Our original discovery is along the Penjamo River where the waterfalls and water color were so mesmerizing, we purchased the property and turned that area into a private park for tours. A tributary of it includes our Grand Waterfalls.

Rio Penjamo Blue River
Costa Rica Blue Rivers
Grand Waterfalls
Costa Rica Blue Rivers
Rio Azul

Across from the resort flows the Rio Azul, which literally translates blue river for taking dips in the mineral-rich waters. For many, it is their favorite amenity at Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs.

Two more spectacular adventure tours take place along this blue river. Float in a blue river on the Tubing Adventure Tours. Imagine the sound of rushing water mingling with howler monkeys, floating on a water tube through calm water, then white water and adrenaline pumping chutes!

Across from Blue River Resort
Costa Rica Blue Rivers
Tubing Adventure
Tubing Costa Rica Blue Rivers
Creating a Costa Rica Blue River

For many years, scientists sought to discover how blue rivers in Costa Rica are created. Plus, experiencing the stunning beauty of these unique rivers is a very personal experience; which has lead to, tourists, the world-over, seeking a visit.


The celeste, Costa Rica blue river is, actually, an optical illusion created by suspended particles leaking into the river. The source is described as particulate matter emitted from underground by volcanic activity. In tributaries one can view particulate seeping into the water. Some say its calcium carbonate, some describe it as sulfur and other sources say its aluminum silicates. Its source is always, the volcanic activity below. No fish can live in the water; nor, is the water potable. The mineral sediment floats in the water and coats the river rocks, turning them white. When day-light enters the river, the rocks reflect the blue light spectrum into our eyes, creating that spectacular turquoise appearance, which is a Costa Rica blue river.

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

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