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Hot Springs Pools

Hot Springs Pools

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5 Pools – Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica – Blue Rivers

Whatever comes to mind when you think of pools; whether its, health, romance, waterfalls or family-fun, our many aquatic opportunities offer a special experience for everyone.

Only the north (Caribbean) side of Rincon de la Vieja has natural hot springs, a lush rain forest and Costa Rica’s treasured blue rivers. To this magical combination add, grand waterfalls and many more spectacular natural wonders.

Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica
The Fresh Water Pool and the Bullet Water Slide
  • Family vacaction for kids who spend hours here.
Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica
Natural Hot Springs
Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica
A Dip in the Blue River (celeste)

Take a dip into an amazing blue river; so blue, you’ll think your eyes are playing tricks. From the resort office, head left on the public road till you reach the sign marking the path into the rain forest for on a short nature walk. Follow the trail to the incomparable rio celeste – our blue river, Rio Azul. You’ll be astounded by the blue color.

Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica
The Jamaica – Costa Rica Hot Springs
  • The perfect place to soak during a hard rain
  • The healing powers of natural Hot Springs
  • The green tint in the water is the copper mineral, which is a natural disinfectant.
Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica
Hot Springs in Costa Rica – the Iguana Pool
  • For romance and privacy
The Island Pool

Our largest – fresh water – Island – Great Waterfall

The Healing Power of Hot Springs Pools in Costa Rica

The source of our natural mineral hot springs can be seen inside Resort’s Botanical Gardens,  bubbling up in small volcano-like mud structures and sinkholes. The quality of the water water has been judged among Costa Rica’s special jewels. Deep under the majestic volcano, Rincon de la Vieja, water flows through molten rock formations that infuse rich, health-giving minerals – forming our natural hot springs. Breaking through the ground inside the Botanical Gardens at the Resort, the hot springs bubble-up at 60 degrees Centigrade (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

The hot springs pools in Costa Rica are pumped through filters directly into the pools. Then, the hot springs flow back from the pools into the newly formed hot springs creek (above which is built a natural sauna and mud bath) to leave the natural cycle undisturbed. Though Costa Rica is renowned for its hot springs and spectacular exotic settings there are only a couple natural hot springs pools in Costa Rica and few in the world.

The green hue seen in natural hot springs is dissolved copper, a mineral property that that is a natural disinfectant. Each hot spring pool is maintained at a different temperature and all are surrounded by exotic greenery and waterfalls.


The healing properties of hot springs                                 Natural Mud Bath & Sauna
Treatments at Blue River Spa                                            Rincon de la Vieja

All the hot springs pools are surrounded by lush rainforest foliage and flowers. Panoramic views of the mountains, including the Rincon de la Vieja volcano surround you. Enjoy great food, drinks and an inviting atmosphere at the Tiki Bar & Restaurant.

Costa Rica Blue Rivers

Costa Rica’s rivers come in many colors. The most famous is the blue river, Rio Celeste, but more exist in Costa Rica, along the sides of other volcanoes. The blue, is actually an optical illusion created by suspended particles in the river. Some sources describe the particulate matter as sulfur emitted from underground by volcanic activity and mixing with calcium carbonate. Other sources say its aluminum silicates from the volcano activity that mixes into the river.

Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica

The mineral sediment coats the river rocks white and float in the current. The day-light entering the river reflects the blue light spectrum into our eyes, creating the spectacular blue color seen. Our Eco-adventure tour to the Grand Waterfalls and Blue River show-cases an even more amazing celeste, blue river, Rio Penjamo. Also of interest, are the sites where water and the minerals bubble-up from deep under the Rincon de la Vieja and overflow, as a minor tributary, into the blue river, Penjamo; something that can be viewed on tour.

BE AWARE: After a hard rain the clear water can turn brown temporarily and the trails can become both muddy and slippery.

More Costa Rica Hot Springs Pools

Around the world, including Costa Rica, hot spring pools utilize the natural water from the ground or heat water using the natural hot rock formations under the ground. However, there are only two to three other locations in Costa Rica found to have a natural water source containing a high natural mineral content (the healing power). Blue River’s natural hot springs are high in mineral content, chemical-free and are the cleanest and purest waters in Costa Rica

Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica

Rejuvenate Your Muscles, Melting Away Your Tension

Your setting is the north side of Rincon de la Vieja (volcano) National park in the heart of the rainforest. Enjoy panoramic views of the majestic volcano and moderate temperatures Each unique hot spring is surrounded by exotic greenery. The pools are constantly fed from the hot springs bubbling up on the Blue River Resort grounds. Each pool has varying temperatures, waterfalls and a unique theme. Each is a piece of art that puts romance in the air, and all family members will enjoy. Head over to the fully-outfitted gym. A great complement to the hot springs are the Blue River Spa and the natural mud bath and sauna. Nothing compares…

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This is an infrared video of a pool and the waterfall that showcases the thermal essense of our Costa Rica hot springs.

Imagine a rainforest in your backyard and a national park
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Hot Springs Pools In Costa Rica