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Mud Bath & Sauna

Mud Bath & Sauna

Natural Mud Bath & Sauna in Costa Rica
Natural Mud Bath & Sauna in Costa Rica

Blue River Costa Rica Resort & Hot Springs invites you to a completely wholesome natural experience created by the Costa Rica volcano that stands out among all the others, “Rincon de la Vieja”. For centuries, people of all ages have flocked to natural baths and hot springs, fascinated by their healing and relaxing qualities. Our Mud Bath in Costa Rica is a treatment your skin will thank you for; an age defying secret that is all natural; relieves tension; promotes detoxification; and alleviates inflammation.


Follow the path into the Botanical Gardens where a side-path leads to the Natural Mud Bath & Sauna, a serene spot between two creeks. One creek, is bubbling with 60 °C (140° Fahrenheit) mineral-infused hot springs. The other, flows with fresh water. It will feel like an oasis. Visitors will likely smell the odorous mud as they enter. People of all ages have flocked to natural baths and hot springs, fascinated by their beauty, peacefulness, healing and relaxing qualities.  Your Mud Bath and Sauna is a completely wholesome natural experience, only found here, created by the Costa Rica volcano that stands out among all the others, “Rincon de la Vieja“.

Step 1: Natural Sauna

Costa Rica natural sauna

Over the creek, flowing from the natural hot springs is the sauna room, built to catch and retain the steam. Sitting above geothermally heated water creates wonderful steam, in the most natural way possible!

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In a few minutes the steam will open your pores and allow your cares to melt away. The mineral infused steam cleanses the skin and invites tranquility into your being.


The steam rises from natural mineral hot springs created deep under the ground. The hot springs bubbles to the surface just a few meters away in several spots and funnels together to create the creek. The water rising from the hot springs is a hot 60°C (140° Fahrenheit), it is filtered and cooled before flowing into our Hot Spring swimming pools.

Step 2: Mud Bath

Applying the mud takes place between the two creeks. Don’t be put off by the order created by the sodium chloride, sulphur, hydrogen, bromide and fluoride. You will be applying silica-rich geothermal mud from the volcano Rincon de la Vieja. The mud is thin, slippery, and free of impurities. Many become child-like at this time, rubbing, twisting slowly, helping their partner gently apply mud to the face.


When finished, sit and relax somewhere. Be patient as the mud dries. Most people report this as an odd sensation as the dried mud cracks on the surface of the skin.

Mud bathing Costa Rica

Step 3: Rinse Off

When the mud is dry, wash off under the shower and then soak in the refreshing fresh water creek. Once the mud is rinsed off, the skin is left feeling exfoliated, tight and refreshed.


Mud Bath is believed to be the famous elixir of beauty, making us at least ten years younger. It is the equivalent of a high-class spa treatment, courtesy of nature at the Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs, located on the north side of Rincon de La Vieja National Park.


We also invite you to have a mud treatment at home. Our special mud is for sale inside the lobby at the the Spa.

Still Have Energy?

After a Mud Bath is a good time to relax in the hot springs pools or take a dip in the vivid blue mineral waters in Blue River (Rio Azul). Its only found here, on the north side of Rincon de la Vieja. There is nothing quite like the restorative buzz garnered by a dip in a proper thermal pool, like our natural mineral hot springs.

Mud Bath & Sauna in Costa Rica