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Retire in Costa Rica

Retire in Costa Rica

Retire in Costa Rica

Tropical Paradise, Healthy Living and Quality Healthcare

June 5, 2016

Costa Rica has become synonymous as a tropical paradise for healthy living and quality healthcare. There are two groups of visitors that benefit from the health advantages and affordable medical expenses in Costa Rica:

  • Medical Patience: Medical tourism for all those requiring medical treatment(s) and recuperation.
  • Retirees: Retiring in Costa Rica and enjoying a healthy retirement.

Medical Treatments

Costa Rica earns an impressive income from Tourism and ‘Medical Tourism’. After treatment many visitors retirees will relax at hotels, like Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, to recuperate from medical procedures performed here. The same great medical program extends itself to retirees requiring medical attention. Retirees enjoy the additional benefit of a lower cost of living and healthy life-style in the bargain.

Retire in Costa Rica With Healthy Living and Quality Healthcare

The doctors who perform complex operations here are trained in internationally recognized institutions, using state-of-the-art equipment. Patients from Europe, the USA, and Canada, can save as much as 50% to 70% on their procedures. The wait is shorter in Costa Rica. There is money to be saved on ‘recuperating vacations’ in Costa Rica. Often those insured in the USA discover the money offered by their medical insurance company will go further here.

Dental, optical, cosmetic and other specialized surgical procedures are conducted here in state-of-the-art hospitals using the most modern techniques available. In most countries the cost of good health insurance is high. Many people therefore are ‘uninsured’ or ‘underinsured’ for the surgeries for which they will need to spend additional sums. Prospective patients comparing the cost for treatment either on the Continent or in Costa Rica, soon realize the tremendous savings to me made in Costa Rica. Here they can both pay for the treatment and recuperate whilst vacationing.

Retiring in Costa Rica

A growing number of people are moving to Costa Rica to relax and enjoy a healthier, more affordable retirement. Here are a few encouraging reasons:

  1. The basic cost of living in Costa Rica is lower than in most other retirement places; pensions and other retirement funds stretch much further in Costa Rica.
  2. The medical facilities here are comparable to, or better than, those offered in many other parts of the world; very important to seniors with health issues.
  3. The cost of health services provided in those facilities is lower than in other countries; another factor appreciated by retirees on a budget.
  4. A good healthy diet is more affordable in Costa Rica than on the Continents.
    a) Healthy diets are essential to maintaining an ideal weight at any age. Exotic fruits and vegetables are expensive in USA and Canadian supermarkets because they are imported there. In Costa Rica they are grown on local farms and are very affordable at local ‘Farmers Markets’.
    b)  Processed foods are classified as undesirable by dieticians; these items are imported into Costa Rica and tend to be more expensive than fresh produce. It is cheaper to eat well and live a healthier life here.
  5. In Costa Rica the sun shines 365 days of the year with occasional showers; outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year long. Retirees willingly take part in healthier outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, swimming and boating.
  6. Retirees and expatriates enjoy memberships at golf courses, gyms, yoga, and fitness studios, all for a nominal charge.
  7. Retirees slow the natural aging process in Costa Rica due to the relaxed lifestyle that reduces stress.

Expatriates moving here to retire in Costa Rica claim to enjoy a healthy weight loss of 30-40 pounds annually. Loss of the excess weight comes from adapting a more active lifestyle and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Visit Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

– along the north side of the volcano national park, Rincon de la Vieja

Tourists to Blue River Resort and Hot Springs come for the awesome natural habitat, the spa, the hot springs, the many on-site activities and the Eco-adventure tours. It’s the perfect place for medical tourists, who are recovering from a procedures performed at the international medical clinics in and around Liberia, Guanacaste. We are only 90 minutes from Liberia’s international airport. For those retirees in Costa Rica and in particular, the Guanacaste beaches are a great get-away to experience something completely different.

Blue River Estate – For an Eco Adventure Life-Style

Owning property in Costa Rica can involve moving here to retire or have a second home and Blue River Estate might be just what you are seeking. Its a 26-acre residential sub-division located along a blue river with a one-of-a-kind private park. There are views of the majestic volcano, Rincon de la Vieja on one side and views of Lake Nicaragua on the other. It feels like being in the middle of a jungle paradise, yet only 90 minutes from Liberia, Guancaste. Ownership includes free life-time membership at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and much more.

For detailed information please contact:

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