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Health Risk at the Spa

Health Risk at the Spa

February 2017
A warning for prospective Commercial Spa-goers: Danger can lurk in the spa; small hidden demons. Awareness of these health risks in the spa will help prevent diseases, parasites and contagious germs.

Although looks deceive, Risks to health in commercial spas are real. Infections can spread during spa services and are not easy to detect. Several forms of bacteria and germs are not visible and do not emit a distinctive smell. Some are contracted by physical contact; others are inhaled. The most commonly written are jacuzzi infections.

A good example of a massive infection from the recent past may remind us of an infectious outbreak among passengers aboard a large cruise ship. They hired Legionnaires’ disease, a deadly form of pneumonia, while enjoying a relaxing bath in the heated hot tub of the ship.

Infectious diseases can easily spread in public swimming pools, baths or jacuzzis; in particular, swimming pools that use recirculated water. Water flowing in a natural hot spring spa is less likely to allow harmful bacterial cultures to be established.

In some commercial Spas you do not need to touch anything to invite dangerous organisms into your system. The air inside most commercial Spas is humid and smoky; that is an ideal condition for the propagation of organisms that live in the water vapor that circulates in the air through an air conditioning system. Germs enter the lungs while breathing. The spa air is incubated there. Incorrectly recirculated or filtered air will spread infections and viruses, including minor ones such as the common cold or flu strains.

Bacterial pathogens such as Acinetobacter, Bacillus, Flavobacterium, Nocardia, Streptomyces and Thermomonospora will enter the nasal passages, be swallowed by mouth or attacked when they are introduced into cuts in the skin or are absorbed through the pores.

Author of ‘ The Secret Life of Germs and director of microbiology at N.Y.U. Medical Center, Philip Tierno Jr., PhD, says:

“These organisms love hot and humid environments … spas are hot and smoky, and when you inhale vaporized water in this atmosphere, you are potentially inhaling any organism that is present.”

Other Hazards in Spas

  • Infections can be spread and transferred by the improper handling of clients by ungloved spa attendants.
  • Instruments used in a commercial spa, especially when used for beauty treatments, require constant and thorough sterilization. Failing to do so will increase the chances of infections being transferred during treatments, manicures and pedicures, via small cuts or wounds. It happens frequently when cuticles are accidentally cut by improperly sanitized instruments.

The Clean Smell of Chlorine

That ‘clean smell of chlorine or bleach’ can be deceptive. Chemical manufacturers would have you believe “Chlorine kills ‘all’ germs”; that is not so!

Dr. Philip Tierno Jr., argues that those organisms which are bonded together by a ‘biofilm’ will not be easily destroyed by chlorine. The amount of chlorine required to kill those germs would quicker kill the patient.

There is good and bad lurking in spas worldwide. A general rule of thumb is:

“If it’s natural it’s good, if it is not…be cautious, it may not be so good”.

The risks sometimes outweigh the benefits; some spas are simply dangerous and present severe health-hazards.

The truly healthy and beneficial natural spas are located where Mother Nature wanted them to be. Those located in cities sometimes offer challenges to your immune system. Investigate them thoroughly before using their treatments. Some cities have an Association of Spas; they are usually willing to offer information known health issues.

On the good side, a trained, hygienic, masseuse and hot oils can deliver one of the greatest overall benefits of a spa treatment- pure relaxation.

Discover another of Mother Nature’s beauty aids, Volcanic Mud.
Genuine volcanic mud is only found near a volcano. Volcanic mud is fine in consistency and comes premixed with minerals, infused and bonded by natural spring. There will be more on that subject in another blog.

Always remember, the number one benefit of a spa treatment is the relief of something that is bothering you. That may be stress, muscular aches and pains, coming from an old injury, like other ailments that torture the body and upset your mind’s peace. Treatments will inevitably induce a clean, exfoliated, fresh, feeling of wellness. Only you can identify the source of your stress and then plan how to deal with it.

Few spas can compare with the benefits gained by visiting the natural spa facilities at the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs; it is as real as it can get. There the natural hot springs are first heated and the cooled by mineral infused water’s flowing from the volcano. Also, the sauna is heated by the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. The Resort’s Treatment Spa is pristine and clients are pampered by trained attendants.

This natural spa sits in the lush, green, Tropical Rain Forest. Visitors are serenaded by a choir of nature’s most colorful creatures. The Blue River Resort is an important part of any Costa Rican eco-adventure.