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The Costa Rica National Flag

The Costa Rica National Flag

The National Flag of Costa Rica with the ‘Pabellón

The Flag of Costa Rica

Created: May 2015

The official flag of Costa Rica with the blue, white and red horizontal stripes, has received many minor modifications, since its introduction in 1848. Not until 1906 was it officially adopted. Here is the current flag.

Costa Rica Ideals

Each color on the flag is a representation of Costa Rican ideals.

Red: Red means the warmth of Costa Rican people, their love of life, their bloodshed lost for freedom, and their generous attitude.

Blue: Blue means the sky, opportunities at reach, intellectual thinking, perseverance to accomplish a goal, infinite, eternity, and ideals of the religious and spiritual desires

White: White means clear thinking, happiness, wisdom, power and beauty of the sky, the driving force of initiatives to search for new endeavors, and the peace of Costa Rica

Source: Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington, D.C. USA

The Flag of 1848

Costa Rica was part of the Federal Republic of Central America until it had unofficially dissolved by 1841. The first Flag of Costa Rica (Bandera Nacional) was constituted in 1848 under President Jose Maria Castro Madriz. He served twice as President, first in 1847-1849, and then again from 1866 – 1868. His wife, First Lady, Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno designed the current colors used in the flag, having been inspired by the French Revolution’s ideals (freedom, equality and brotherhood) and therefore, adopted the colors used by the French Tricolore.

The National Flag of Costa Rica with the ‘Pabellón

Costa Rica National Symbols

The flag seen with the Country’s Coat of Arms (also called National Shield) is displayed on the ‘red band’ in the middle of the flag is the National Flag. The Coat of Arms is known as the ‘Pabellón’ and this flag is used for official events, such as functions involving the President of Costa Rica, the legislative powers, Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones, Embassies, and Consulate Generals. Hence the name the Pabellón Nacional.

As a history buff, its apparent that those who ruled Costa Rica took seriously, both moral and political ideals. The Costa Rica Flag is taken from the French and each color of the flag represents detailed and strong ideals. The size of the country is small and there is only a small native population within a wide range of landscapes. Most citizen’s backgrounds are European. There really is no more beautiful landscape than at Blue River Costa Rica Resort & Hot Springs. Enjoy the the natural mineral hot springs, blue rivers, the rainforests and gorgeous Rincon de la Vieja views. And read about the Costa Rica national flag here in paradise.

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