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Vacation Preparation Costa Rica

Vacation Preparation Costa Rica

Costa Rica Vacations Preparation

Now that you have the ‘savvy’ about Costa Rica vacations, let us look at what more is needed for your vacation preparation.

Confirming Transportation

If you have arranged transportation with Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs from the Liberia International Airport (LIR) or another location, be sure to confirm these and all other arrangements before your departure. Upon arrival at the hotel, again confirm transportation details for your return trip back at the reservation desk.


Family Costa Rica vacations at the Blue River Resort & Hot Springs will include some rainfall. There are four seasons in Costa Rica; they are- little rain, some rain, more rain, and lots of rain. Though the tropical climate also dries you quickly, the possibility of ‘lots of rain’ season runs from the end of August, and ends in December. Unless there is a real downpour, activities go as scheduled at the Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs. Though kids find it all part of the thrill guests should be prepared. Bring sweat shirts and a rain covering. Life goes on regardless.

Bug Repellent


When going out into the wilderness, even if it means playing on the grass at sunset, expect biting bugs and even from the ants. So bring and apply insect repellent.

Prior to Returning Home from Costa Rica

Having enjoyed your vacations in one of Costa Rica’s top resorts and having participated in all the great adventure tours offered through this rustic, luxury resort located in Liberia all good things must come-to-an-end. In preparation for the outbound journey, here are a few points to be aware of before starting out for the airport.

  • Confirm current travel bookings with the airline carrier.
  • Make a digital copy of camera photos and save them in a ‘cloud file’ or a thumb-drive (back it all up).
  • Separate and check Passports, Tickets, and other travel related requirements.
  • Make sure all documents for the next destination are in order.
  • Synchronize time zones between Costa Rica and your destination. Allow enough time for travel to the airport and for delays between flight connections.
  • Ensure that all personal possessions are packed for the journey (Remember to check the bathroom and all drawers in your room).
  • Visit the Resorts ‘Check-out’ Desk and settle all outstanding matters, recheck the latest travel updates. Do it the night before if you depart early.
  • Caution– The weather forces major travel changes particularly during the winter months.
  • Prepare to pay the departure tax, USD28.00; payable in Cash (Costa Rican Colones or US Dollars). Using VISA and MasterCard are accepted, but be aware – be prepared to pay interest as it is actually a cash withdrawal.
  • Upon Check-In, your baggage ‘will be’ opened and inspected. Though this isn’t always the case in practice, there is said to be a strict enforcement of post 9-11 regulations in Costa Rican airports. ‘Restricted Items’ will be confiscated. If in doubt contact the Costa Rican Immigration Authority.
  • When proceeding through the departure area, food and drink are available-but they are expensive here. Purchase snacks beforehand at the supermarket to take along for the journey.
  • Good deals can be found in the ‘Duty Free or In-Bond’ Shops. Jewelry, alcohol and some electronic items are available at lower than ‘normal’ prices. As with all oversea
1-Day Tours in Costa Rica

Before hopping on the resort’s shuttle, the staff at Blue River All Inclusive Resort & Hot Springs will feel like friends so be sure to take group photos. Small resorts get by on these personal relationships and on word of mouth. When you arrive at home, send the resort staff an e-mail, let others know about your experience and write reviews.

“Pura Vida”